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I’ll be honest, I don’t have much to say about this episode of Kyoukan, but I did cap it and it looked pretty good so enjoy some pics.  I don’t much care for the Sakura side-story, I didn’t think the storytelling was especially interesting and as many have said, the megane/siscon joke really needs a long vacation.  For me it was squarely back in the decent but not especially interesting territory of the first three eps, and coming on the heels of last week’s throwaway side-story that isn’t too encouraging.  Two really good eps out of seven isn’t al that great a percentage, and as things stand I’ll be making a week-by-week judgment on whether the show brings a post or not.

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  1. m

    this is a really lazy writing…

  2. n

    You mean the writer of KyoKan? 😉

  3. m

    …haha..Yes. I hadn't realized how short this post was, but I don't blame Enzo, it wasn't almost nothing to say..

  4. t

    lol, shortest ep-post ever here on LiA?

    it was decent episode. most of the events were OK and rolled from to another pretty well, yet that ending when sakura was defeated and find resolution quickly..wasn't the right thing to do IMHO.
    and at least there were less siscon/megane stuff.

    to be honest, I agree that KnK had only 2 ep out of 7 really good. the others?not that bad as one might think, but could have been better.
    yet we found ourselves continue watching week by week. it isn't the best, but OK to continue watching. besides, it's too late to drop it now, especially after we finally reaching the last act where all plot holes should start closing.
    though possible scenario if one really wishing to quit. I hope you are not. but:
    if you ask me..I think you can skip a week or two ..and even just get to the final review of KnK as a would be better to the series and to you since you are a bit reluctant about KnK (even from the beginning right?) hitaus might help organizing thought before final impression.
    at least, that's what I would do…

  5. s

    you know what i think it is why people watching this series and myself in general are still hanging in there? well at least for me, its because this series has the potential to be so much more than what it is right now if it just focused on the dark fantasy elements that it has. I think that with every ep, we are just waiting for the series to tap into that said potential instead of squandering it away. At least that's why i still have hopes for it, The visuals are the incentive for the patience viewers are having with this series.

    I see many people blaming the flaws of this series as kyoani being corporate and delivering no soul to their series; the thing is i dont think that's what's going on this time. This is a problem regarding the directing, the time this series has (only being 1-cour), and the narrative flow. I believe that kyoani wanted to do this series with the idea that it wanted to tell a story were we feel for the unfortunate circumstances befallen its characters. The problem is that its telling us that these characters are unfortunate instead of executing its narrative with enough pathos to make us feel that. We are told things instead of watching them unfold, and before we have a chance to feel anything, the narrative wraps it up without allowing us to take it in like "yup, we told you he has a tragic life so hopefully you feel empathize with the character…moving on".

    Honestly, i thought this ep was the third strongest of the 7 eps so far, but it suffered from this "telling syndrome" instead of showing and i feel like it could have avoided that completely had the ending not been so adrupt and that it had more eps to build on it. The ep was playing with some good ideas though which is why i still gave it the benefit of the doubt and looked at it as a step in the right direction. But no more telling the audience things, from the next six eps, I want to feel the ideas swimming through those future eps.

  6. t

    I agree with your statment about flaws and how it could have been better (I even said so myself). and it's true, they could have pushed characters and story way better. but I think the problem lies in front of us even before.
    everyone was so hyped and expected "dark fantasy". this two words created so much anticipation and analogy to other series with those "elements"..with so much hype, one will sure be disappointed.
    everyone was looking for that dark fantasy, and when it's not even makes everyone think "how would I make this happen" so people see it even more flawed than it is. some of this of course is justified. but I think it's impossible to deny the involvment of anticipation.

    there is also the problem of KyoAni being KyoAni.
    everyone is so familiar with their "formula" it's not even surprising. the fact it didn't work out well with "free" was quite indication (though free sells pretty well).
    but did work out well in Chunni (season 2 in January^^).

    I am still trying to enjoy (and I do partly) KnK as it is. not as the "dark fantasy" I have been waiting to see. while it's true I am still saying to myself it could have been better because in fact it's true, but I am trying to judge it objectively as possible.
    yes I was disappointed not seeing dark fantasy, but let's try to enjoy the show for it is, not for what it was suppose to be or what I wanted this to be.

  7. s

    Oh im definitely enjoying kyokai no kanata for what it is. I didnt get swept up with the hype for KNK because i knew exactly what i was getting myself into when i started watching this series. It's an adaptation of an ok source material with interesting ideas. Honestly, the source material doesnt reach any type of grand heights that would make it special but it was still a competent story. Why people were expecting something along the lines of shin sekai yori or some intricately profound story is beyond me but its clear many people did not know what the source material was like coming in or at least where the material was derived from. The narrative is ok, which is why i figured the series could on go up since the interviews made it sound like the primary focus would be on some deep character development.

    I dont care about the fact that the dark fantasy elements arent truly being capitalized on; hell, this could have turned out to be a character drama and i would have been satisiied. It's just that when the dark fantasy elements truly came out, it allowed for some character insight and tense moments. It's the character drama that i want to see reach some really good heights before this series is over; that's what i truly care about and is what pushes me to keep watching this series. Again, im beating this like a dead horse but this show needed two-cours. (it went through its firrst 7 eps with the type of attitude a two-cour series would have but it doesnt have that type of time to do that)

  8. T

    Wow, and all this time I was feeling bad when I thought I had very little to say about this week's ep XD. The action was nice but really that was about it.

  9. P

    I couldn't even make it through this ep. Pretty sure I'm done with this show.

  10. n

    I keep begging people who watch this to watch Kyousougiga instead since it lacks the objectification this one has on it's heroines. But people are in love with it and it's been like pulling teeth to get them to watch something else.

    I really dislike the characters of this series; they're very "anime"ish in the most blunt of terms and the glasses/sister fetishes are just strange. All the characters are strange and lack weight. All these teenagers out on their own too? Like it's such a tired anime trope.

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