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    I actually have a policy against watching trailers so as to avoid spoilers, but I honestly thought Phantom Rouge was that bad.

    This one looks good in that it seems to have stuff that hasn't been animated in the series yet, but I really don't think I can be objective about it. I just hope most people won't be as negative as I was– for the good of the franchise.

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    Dramatic! And features Leorio thowing his knife in flashy motion. And some Hisoka spicing is there of course. I'm in 8D.
    PR could have been better compared to the regular series high bar writing but it was still rather watchable :p.

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    Vice Chairman spotted. Also Hisoka. This could be the greatest thing ever if not for the fact that the villains look particularly stupid and out of place.

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    I don't know why.. But every scene on that trailer gave me chills. Now I'm hyped!! (^o^)/

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    looks promising, but we all know that the series and the movie#1 were kinda different despite sharing characters.
    at least this time we'll have Gon and Killua with their developed Nen power. something we didn't have last time.
    in terms of story and performance?I hope it'll be good enough. Phantom rouge was decent enough, yet the series is on a different scale.
    I am kinda built-up with Hisoka, Netero,Biskey, Hevane's arena and Gon and killua true power…but let's not expect that much.
    I think it'll be decent enough too, even more than previous time. but still, the series will be on top.
    I hope that the time-limit problem won't be that effective like previous time.

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    The movie must take place at a different time line (before the Chimera Ant arch I would think).

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    I doubt it fits in at all. The first movie didn't, and the storyline leaves no openings since it jumps from arc to arc very quickly. Also the trailers features some post-Chimera content.

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    but the first movie was a manuscript which Togashi wrote himself, then it was modified (or simply was put in the drawer) and became what is known today as "yorknew" arc.
    that is why it won't fit in the anime/manga timeline. simply put, you can call it an "alternative yorknew arc". (of course thank god Togashi brought us something much much more intriguing).

    of course Madhouse did some changes of their own for this manuscript, but nevermind that, as far as I know, Togashi isn't directly involved in "the last mission", as he was directly related in the "phantom rouge".
    yes, it can be for the better or worse. something a bit new with potential to suceed. but I don't think it'll be like the HxH we know from the series. especially with such restrictive medium of a movie (the time-limit mostly).
    how many shonen movies(based on famous shonen anime/manga) were labeled as a failure or disgrace for its origin. I am not that much familiar with Naruto and bleach, but these are a mere examples of this, and I am sure there are more examples. (side note: please don't kill me Naruto/bleach fans XD that is as far as I have been told in some cases…but there were good movies too I have been told about!).

    about the timeline?well, just like other films which aren't related to the original (like those DBZ films), this is hard to determine where exactly it takes place in the series. mostly because it is messed up and won't fit properly.
    I can have some guesses where it fits, but all of them have problems here and there.

    I say – why stick that much to the timeline?if it's good, let it be.

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    We can probably take that as a confirmation that MH will animate all the manga chapters left.

    This trailer make me expect a better movie than Phantom Rouge, but all these new characters design feel pretty "fillerish".

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    Nobuaki Kishima – same scriptwriter who did the majority of the '99 series!

  11. Yeah, not sure how I feel about that.

  12. J


    As if I wasn't already excited enough! Even more exciting is that I will actually be in Japan when it opens… 絶対に見よう!!!

    (btw long-time lurker and huge HxH fan, ahem)

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    Saw the movie….. Spoilers and opinions below.
    It happens before the chimera ant arc, but after Gon and Killua meet Kite.
    Zushi got defeated too easily at sky arena. Hisoka doesn't really do much during the film. (Neither does Wing or Bisque, which is kind of unbelievable.)
    We learn about a new power called "On" which is like opposite of Nen. (In a sense)
    Users of it can seem to use all the areas of nen (manipulation, reinforcement, etc.)
    Gon and Killua also have to fight some of the floor masters (also Kurapica has to fight some too). They defeat them too easily in my opinion. They are floor masters. Some of them should almost be Hisoka class.
    Enemy and his team is about revenge about what happened to them years ago by the Hunter X Hunter association years ago (along with finding the power from the guy Netero defeated years ago.)
    I thought the way that the enemeny was defeated was kind of a cop-out, but that's just me.
    Kind of preachy towrds the end.
    You do get to learn a bit more about netero's earlier years, and his realtion to the enemy in the film. There's nothing after the credits (unlike the other hunter x hunter film)

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