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    You guys really had some fun there — great chemistry, great topics, great discussions. Love that you talked about both Uchouten and RMZ — and especially RMZ…felt so excited when you brought it up.

    Kairi's so adorable…the cages! And she can really sing!

  2. This one was probably the most fun so far, for me. The build-up to getting Kairi to do that was pretty relentless (it didn't all make the blooper reel).

  3. t

    it was funny and interesting to hear.
    I like the anime you guys chose to speak about – unchouten, gatchaman, SNK, blood lad – indeed some of this summer's refreshing and even surprising anime.

    can't be helped – summer's already over, fall is right here, actually starting from today will be the most anticipated series of the fall (:

  4. p

    For a second there I confused Kairi with Kaisei from Uchoten…

  5. R

    I really wonder how Yoshino manages to keep being put in charge of shows that have the potential to be cash cows, even though he's a horrible hack. I guess he has really good connections within the industry.

  6. e

    Stilts: best voice (booze no chikara?) Enzo: best arguments+ best occasional moe stuttering
    Zephyr: best diction Kairi: best laughter X,D and she's brimming with enthusiasm when she enters the zone
    *yawn* *slurp* *laugh* *JAEGERRRRRR cute voice version*
    I think my brain is in lizard mode but that 's what sticking more in my memory. Ooops.
    Oh and the honorauble Balsa mention. Pro Moribito Campaign, another strike. Well done :p.

  7. R

    Yes, Enzo has the best arguments — he's eloquent. He can make a good orator.

  8. e

    Oh you're not too shabby yourself sister either. Best comments <3

  9. R

    Oh elianthos80, you're too kind. Thanks. I enjoy reading yours — so much fun and energy in your comments.

  10. Get a room! 😛

  11. Z

    I don't think the others put up much of a fight except for perhaps Kairi when she's in the zone.

  12. e

    @Ronbb: aho no chi?

    @Enzo: sure baby. Don't be late. *blows kiss*
    It's be rude to leave two ladies waiting you know.
    P.S.: want a cage too?

    @Zeta Zero: I can't really disagree with that. In general the other guys do need to step up a bit more :p.
    Someone get Stilts&Zeph some Denki Brain, stat!

  13. R

    @elianthos80: absolutely, and that's a requirement for leading an interesting life. One thing though, we need to thank Enzo for his superb "matchmaking service" — he makes finding people who share the same taste so much easier. 😉

  14. K

    Enzo, re. Gatchaman Crowds, have you read Bobduh's reviews of the episodes? I think he puts up a pretty good defense of the show. The arguments made by him (as well as by others who like Gatchaman Crowds) are not simply repetitive admonishments that people dislike Hajime or unsubstantiated proclamations that the show's critics did not understand it. There have been many thoughtful arguments made by people who liked the show.

  15. But they're the exception rather than the rule. I won't name names, but those arguments perform the bulk of the defense – including at this site.

    There are valid reasons to like Crowds, as Bobduh points out. But I stand by assessment of why the show ultimately fails, and I think the final two episodes are consistent with that assessment. If people disagree, that's their prerogative.

  16. K

    Ah, I see. I thought you were claiming that there is no strong defence of the show. You were only claiming that the average defence of the show was weak. I misunderstood you because you said in the podcast, “And if you can’t come up with something better than that to defend the show then I question whether there’s anything in there that’s worth defending.” That line of argument only works if a better defense of the show cannot exist. I’m just pointing out that people did indeed “come up with something better than that to defend the show.”

  17. C

    Good thing you were there Enzo or else Kaire won't calm down.

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