Fall 2013 Straw Poll

The people’s choice was clear this time around.

Thanks for participating in the straw poll, which gave a clear win to Kyoukai no Kanata.  Happily, that’s the one on the list that looks like it’s going to make the cut – the last two eps have been much better.  Yozakura Quartet is still leaning yes, but not a lock.  As to the others, I’d say only Outbreak Company is still in with a real chance.



  1. t

    well I am glad you haven't given up on KNK. it has become much better.
    I still think YQ fits much more to you (and this blog) than LH. but at least it is not locked (;

    I was surprised not to see Galilei Donna on the list..but there still would be better options.

  2. C

    Enzo dropped GD.

  3. t

    I know. I meant it was surprising. because if maybe it was in the list (before the drop)..it might had some votes.
    nevermind that 😛

  4. I don't see any point in putting a show I've already dropped in a poll like this, and GD was gone before I posted it. The poll is more for fun than real influence anyway, but it's good to know what the readers are thinking.

  5. t

    LOL I know (now).
    you pointed the reason of "the poll is more for fun than real influence anyway". that's exactly why GD not being on the list was a bit surprising IMO.
    BTW I didn't know you dropped GD when the poll came up (actually up until the fall check-in post). I must have missed that.

    that's why I was just a bit surprised. that's all.
    well again – nevermind me on that XD 😛

  6. F

    Must admit that while KnK was my first choice for personal reasons, Yozakura was my second choice because you seem to enjoy blogging about it more than the other choices – afaict at least.

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