Fall 2013 Preview Poll Results

Kyoto Animation carries the day.

There are a couple of milestones in this poll – first, it was the closest preview poll in LiA history.  And second, it received the most votes ever.  Thanks very much to all who voted.

I can’t say I’m surprised that Kyoukai no Kanata and Kill la Kill topped the results.  Pupa poaching third did surprise me, even if most of that came before the news that it was going to be a Niconico series.  If you like to compare to RC results, the two big sequels – Infinite Stratos and Valvrave – did far better there.  I.S. in fact won that poll and was all the way down in 14th here, the biggest disparity for a season poll winner by far.



  1. R

    The poll results here are quite different from RC's. Oh well, I am glad that my two most anticipated shows are also liked by the readers here. Hopefully, we can find out more about Pupa.

  2. Z

    "Pupa poaching third did surprise me, even if most of that came before the news that it was going to be a Niconico series."

    Pretty much.

  3. t

    as expected KNK and KLK are on top. they're so much hyped. LOL
    refrain is on top5 so I'm happy.
    but PUPA is third??I still don't understand what's going on with it?5 min episode?only at niconico?besides it from studio deeeeeeeeeeen…S:

    sports anime didn't get much. and kuroko basket is the first among them..I still think Ippo is the best <3

    golden time also pretty high (sixth).
    I still think nagi no askura, Galilei Donna, Coppelion will be good.

    well, let's hope for a good fall season!!

  4. Pupa is not at all confirmed to be 5 minutes – I suspect that was a bogus rumor.

  5. Z

    What's wrong with Studio Deen? They did a pretty respectable job with Zurückspulen.

  6. R

    I agree. Works like RMZ and Sankarea are pretty good. Sometimes a studio matters, but I think a talented director can bring out the best.

  7. Z

    I think its just classic case of sheep mentality. e.g. Everything Deen does is automatically bad, whereas everything Kyoani does is automatically good etc. Studio loyalty, like brand loyalty, is stupid.

  8. e

    Oh. All the ones I'm more interested in place around the middle save for Flamenco and Kuroko guilty pleasure Basket.
    Am I the only one not enticed by Pupa since the Fall preview? I'll catch up with RMZ for my Mochizuki fix and leave this out unless won over by selected reviews power…

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