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“The Riders Attack”

Mori-sensei, what have you done to my Otoyomegatari?

Even with full foreknowledge of where things were headed, this chapter was a pretty bracing slap in the face.  There’s not a lot of analysis to be done because it pretty much speaks for itself – chaos, destruction, death, and betrayal.  While this sort of thing is certainly historically accurate, the stylistic change for the series could hardly be more stark.

As expected, the Halgal’s position on the high ground gave them a huge advantage in attacking Karluk’s village.  The battle was short and bloody, with the villagers in full retreat, and while they managed to lure the invaders into a trap, the outcome seems inevitable.  And it seems Amira’s father is intent on wiping out every villager – “No survivors!” is his battle cry.  The unexpected turn comes when the Batan betrays their supposed ally, proving even more treacherous than we already knew they were.  This is obviously an opportunity to kill two birds – and two clans – with one stone, and take more land and property for himself.

If there’s a key to all this, it’s Azel.  He knew full well that a deal with the devil would only end in disaster, though I suspect it came sooner than he expected.  There’s so much panic and disorder that it’s impossible to say who’s been cut down, though I didn’t recognize anyone in Karluk’s immediate family, and Azel is definitely alive.  He’s going to take some kind of countermeasures now, of a certainly – but just what he can do against the Batan’s firepower I’m really sure.  And I continue to believe his primary interest is in saving himself and his family, not Karluk and his.

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    Oooh Mori has let her action lover side out of the closet. I knew she had it in her since Emma.
    You know what I think about Azel. Right now I'm counting on that and on the situation turning in 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend ' scenario sooner or later. Right now the Batan seemes to be built as the common enemy, hence…
    Karluk&family – and Pariya – are conspicuously absent. Must have managed to retreat or hide somewhere. Amira is probably around somewhere with her arrows too.

    Also… – as shown in a certain parallel animal montage+transition in transition in one recent chapter – I think Azel and Amira are the 'wolf siblings'. I can't stop anticipating an eventual Team Wolves moment so to speak ;p.

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