First Impressions – Super Seisyun Brothers

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Short impressions for a short show.

This series was on my sleeper list, but that was before I realized it was going to be a 5-minute anime.  I’ve enjoyed some short form series a lot, but developing strong characters is basically an impossibility in this format, and this premise – gag manga or not – seems an odd fit for it.

The premiere is fine, for what it is.  We two sets of older sister/younger brother siblings, the first being Chiko and Chika Shinmoto (Yamamoto Nozomi, Ohsaka Ryouta) and the second Mako and Mao Saitou (Kayano Ai, Ishikawa Kaitou).  The sisters are third-year high-schoolers, the brothers second-years.  Each has their own quirks, but things fly by so fast that I have a hard time remembering which quirk belongs to which kid.  Chiko is certainly an otome but denies it, and wonders why she isn’t more popular like Mako.  Mao seems interested in being paid to laze around and do nothing.  But apart from that it’s all a blur.

I could see this turning out to be an amusing trifle, but no more than that.  I like the character designs and the cast is obviously strong, and there’s some comedic potential in the slice-of-life approach.  But with this amount of time to work with, nothing is going to be developed beyond a superficial level.  If they become available I’ll watch the next few episodes to see how things progress.

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  1. K

    Huh was it only five minutes? That is sad. ;_; I was kinda looking forward to this.

  2. R

    I like the dialogue — it's quite witty — but the animation is subpar. Well, it's only 5 minutes, so I don't mind checking it out more.

  3. A

    For a five minute show the animation's OK. Not as good as "Aiura" or "Yama no Susume", but it's clearly better than "Boku no imouto wa Osaka okan" which was still a good laugh.

  4. R

    Did you watch this with English subtitles? I looked and couldn't find any…

  5. R

    I saw an English sub version on YouTube.

  6. D

    You can have short shows that do some nice character arcs. Yama no Susume did it best, I think. Clearly they're not suited for blogging but I think 5 minute shows have their place.

  7. b

    A minor correction, Chiko and Mako are college students! That's why they don't wear uniforms unlike the brothers and Chiko's first dialogue was that there wasn't any hot guys in college.

  8. i

    Damn it, I thought this would be a full episode series. I was really looking forward to it. I still found it quite funny. Also Chiko is an Otaku not Otome.

  9. b

    Yes, the manga is more specific and Chiko mentions going to seiyuu events, drawing doujinshi and shopping in Akihabara for exclusive pre-order items. But despite admitting this, she denies being an otaku

  10. Well, she seems to talk a lot about Ikebukuro and Otome Road for someone who isn't an otome.

  11. i

    But she isn't an otome, I mean isn't she a fujoshi then?

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