1. V

    Awesome session. Not only was this great to listen to while working, but impressive in its scope and tone. For whatever reason though, I was expecting you to have a Japanese accent.

  2. e

    A Tokyo accent you mean :p.

    On the podcast itself I'll have to wait until this evening. But as usual I went for the bloopers first – 10 minutes are easier to sneak into schedule than 140 – . So much OreImo sorrow!
    And someone is still grieving over the Hibbit segment. In this at least I can sympathize. Bananas anyone?
    And Enzo I must ask you to have mercy of my sucky listening skills but with the voices overlapping in that passage I couldn't make out what you were saying about Cherrie's mighty typing (around the 10:13 mark). Mind enlightening me about the saucy(?) bit onegai?

  3. I said "Was that Buddy the gorilla typing just there?"

  4. e

    LOL. Thanks.
    After a few repeats I was starting to hear things like 'body guerrilla' and 'pounding tapioca juice there' – to name the clean ones -.
    Now instead I can enjoy the mental image of a gorilla with nail extensions. Never mind I know a few people who are very into nail art and basically own the Pantone catalogue in the guise of nail polish bottles…

  5. R

    I actually listened to it before your post came up. I like the selections of this season's shows that you guys talked about but — have to be honest with you — was disappointed that Uchouten wasn't included :(. Oh well, it is what it is, and at least Zanibas mentioned Uchouten when you were discussing about Gin no Saji. Besides, I should be thankful for the time and thoughts that those participated had put together. It's also interesting to hear how others have different takeaways from Watamote — it validates how much more worthwhile and insightful to read your reviews because you understand. Final note…love that you guys talked about FLCL — I couldn't help but rewatch it. I don't have that level of high praise and love that you have for the show but definitely enjoy the creativity. This show just never gets old, and anyone can watch it whenever and as many times as you can.

  6. I would have liked to have discussed Uchouten as well, but I did open the word association round with it… I wad disappointed not to discuss Rozen Maiden too, as that series really needs the pub, but it's a group dynamic and these things always end up being up well over 2 hours as is.

  7. R

    That's true — Rozen Maiden needs more publicity. Perhaps the next podcast :).

  8. Z

    Who decides what to pick for the retro reviews?

  9. M

    The elephant in the room.

  10. J

    Any chance the podcast will ever make it to iTunes? :X

  11. I know Zanibas is working with Xumbra to find some way to make that happen in the future.

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