1. j

    Does it contain spoilers? From the canon story, I mean (Netero's abilities, for example)

  2. If there are spoilers in the trailers themselves, I didn't see them. Not to mention, these movies are generally not considered to be full canon material.

  3. j

    🙂 Thanks.

    I doubt they won't show stuff like netero's abilities: by the time the movie airs, the anime will surely show that, so it won't be considered 'spoilers'. Really excited that they showed Heaven's Arena here! That always felt like an incomplete story/world in HxH (like GI, grr)

  4. C

    There don't appear to be any, but there's always a chance a future episode makes us scream, "OH SHI- THAT'S WHATSHISNAME'S THING!" somewhere down the line…

    Assuming that episode comes after the movie, of course.

  5. G

    Well, there is in some way…
    But the only thing in this trailer that would be deemed a spoiler for the canonical story, would be… something that was shown anyway in the most recent opening of the TV series (btw it's a spoiler opening, avoid watching it if possible until Ep 92 at least and even then it still has THIS spoiler and another nasty one). Even though its chapter isn't adapted yet into anime form.
    But more detailed here. In fact, this trailer would be its first proper appearance in the anime.
    (If you're already reading this page it's probably too late)

    I tried really hard not to spell it out, so you can avoid it. Basically, avoid that damn fifth opening (and ending, for that matter), this trailer (its thumnbail, and this very page), and the aforementioned movie… until you watch/read a certain point in this arc (you'll know when).

  6. j

    Damn, I really hope this isn't the last movie. The last one was very bad, and I'm still hoping they'll make a movie set in Greed Island with one big, epic quest. That's wishing for too much, though, sigh…

  7. C

    I really hope this movie has a deeper story than Phantom Rouge.

    What makes HxH great is that it's always surpassing itself with new philosophical issues for the characters to tackle; and all while layered beneath the life-and-death conflicts. 🙂

    I feel Phantom Rouge fell short because it didn't bring anything new to the philosophical side; just two new characters, bad and good, which is as cliche as any other shounen movie.

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