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I’ll say this much for Valvrave the Liberator – it gives you plenty of reasons to love it and plenty of reasons to hate it, but it sure makes it hard to be neutral.

Valvrave is certainly the most kitchen-sink ready of all the series this season – maybe of any season for a long time – but it still manages to surprise me once in a while by just how willing it is to throw any and every plot twist it can into the mix.  Most of them are of course taken from their own catalog – in a sense it’s self-plagiarism on the level of Adachi Mitsuru – but the hook with Valvrave is that it doesn’t just pick and choose among these disparate elements.  No, it seems determined to use them all – and boy, did it raise the ante this week.

Obviously there’s an elephant in the room here, so there really isn’t much point in ignoring it.  Rape is not a new plot device for Sunrise mecha, so in that sene the episode finale isn’t much of a shock – apart from the fact that rape in any context is always intended to be shocking.  No, the real difficulty here comes in the manner in which it was depicted.  I’ve spent a bit of time considering just how the final scene of the episode made me feel, and I can only conclude that I hated it.  As a general rule I’m not crazy about the use of rape as a plot device in anime, though it’s not automatically off-limits by any means – it’s just that too often, it’s used as a cheap ploy by a lazy writer to provoke a reaction from the audience that they’re not good enough to provoke through other means.

I don’t think that’s the case here – in context, it was actually a fairly powerful moment.  Given what we’ve seen already, with the foreshadowing of recent weeks, it isn’t impossible to believe something like this could happen.  The problem is, we’re on a very slippery slope both with Saki as the victim and Saki’s reaction in the moment (a Google search on Clayton “Claytie” Williams might provide interesting reading material here).  There’s likely to be a certain “she had it coming” segment of the viewer base, based on the fact that Saki was clearly living her life recklessly and getting a thrill out of playing footsie with danger.  And the scene as written will surely prompt some to use the word “consensual” – and there’s no such thing as consensual rape. This is perilous, dodgy territory Valvrave is venturing into here, practically begging for an ugly side of the fanbase to show through.  The fact is, rape isn’t a sexual act, it’s an act of violence – and depictions that blur that distinction are doing no favors to anyone in doing so.  I’m not a politically correct person by any means, and as I said I don’t think this is a development that should be unequivocally out of bounds for anime.  But I’m not at all comfortable with what we saw on our screens today.

It seems almost crass to discuss the implications of the rape to the overall plot, never mind other developments in the episode – but there were plenty of both.  Does this constitute some kind of attempt by the Valvrave 01 OS to reproduce itself, or even take over Saki’s body using Haruto as a carrier?  I suppose if nothing else, Saki’s “It’s a curse” reflects that she now realizes just what a foolish child she’s been – this is no game she’s playing, and Haruto is indeed carrying a monster around inside him.  As the rape was playing out, we were seeing a typically absurdly comic Valvrave moment as Shouko addressed the students with a speech making her case as to why she should be elected “Prime Minister” – a classic Shouko “Ganbare!” rant where she promised everything but the moon (oh wait, she did promise that) and did everything but break into song (wait – she already did that).

The contrast set up between the two girls is obviously not coincidental, and it makes Shouko’s promise to confess to Haruto once they’ve arrived on the moon al the more tragicomic.  Shouko wins the election, of course – she promised the students the biggest party in the solar system and urged them to be greedy in true Gordon Gecko fashion.  But it’s hard to shake the feeling that the students are still playing dress-up, especially given the news that Shouko’s father has possibly been assassinated.  If it weren’t for L-Elf (this series is definitely better when he’s more prominent in an episode than less) in fact, the students would all be Dorssian prisoners at best or dead at worst, several times over.

There’s also some mumbo-jumbo from “I’m a physics teacher” Kibukawa about “runes” and how the Valvrave works because everyone is made of particles, along with confirmation from him that it was indeed developed by JIOR as a secret weapon to help them maintain their independence (serious wish-fulfilment aspect of the plot at play here).  And two hilariously bakayarou Valvrave lines of dialogue: Kyuuma using the “Together Each Achieves More” acronym with Haruto (stupid and great on so many levels) and Saki telling Haruto to abandon dreams of pairing with Shouko because “It’ll never work out – she’s a human and you’re a holy spirit.”  In the end, though, this episode was really only about one thing and I suspect that’s all that will be remembered about it.  Sunrise has opened this can of worms, so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see how they handle the aftermath.  Everyone will react to it in their own way and with more time to reflect, perhaps my own views on it will evolve.

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  1. J

    I know this sentiment is going to be repeated a lot in the next few days, but I would have considered myself one of the show's biggest fans, in spite of or possibly because of all its flaws.

    I watched it last night, and right now I still feel so disgusted over that scene that I'm not sure if I'll be continuing.

  2. M

    I kinda wish I have whatever it is you're feeling at the moment because I'm feeling oddly detached. Maybe I have been too conditioned by my surroundings to realize just how painful this ordeal is to the characters and what is going to happen. I really hope that there is a happy ending.


  3. I

    "Oddly detached" sums up my thoughts as well. As an anime viewer it was like a freezing bucket of water was just thrown in my face.

    Now I'm just in a shivering puddle trying to collect my thoughts, which are quite literally all over the place right now.

  4. t

    Honestly, you think you should stick with it.

    It's hard to see characters you love being hurt. It's painful, even heartbreaking. But this is as much a journey together with them as it is a spectator's sport. If the show is good enough to make you care about Saki and Haruto and feel their pain and sorrow, it's good enough that you should try and stay the course, and support them by watching their tale unfold further.

    I want to see them overcome this together, and I think ultimately the narrative will be better for it.

    Well, hopefully.

  5. s

    I see nothing wrong with the show trying to step into dark territory. For the viewers who enjoyed valvare for its stupidity and campiness, myself included, I can understand those who as of late, have been turned off by last couple eps due to their plotty (if that's even a word) nature; but for those bashing this weeks ep because of its rape scene, my only question is why? Rape is an ugly thing, that is not even debatable, but i think a story-telling medium should be able to portray dark matters such as rape without people losing their heads because it did so. Rape is a real thing in this world, just as real as murder or sickness. As stupid as Valvare can be, even it knew not to handle rape lightly and did not make it campy or fanservicy. As there had been some pretty vague foreshadowing to the OS's intentions and the beast inside Haruto, I wasnt too surprised by the turn of events, and for what its worth, these turn of events have given Haruto's angst about his inner demon much added depth and tension. He has to live with what he has done forever, and who knows how many times something like this could happen. If this happens more often, will Saki allow herself to be Haruto's outlet? These two have now been thrusted into a cursed relationship and i personally cannot wait to see how this will be handled.

    How will Haruto even face Shoko? Just when it seemed like he'd be getting close to her again, he has done something that will make it insanely difficult for him to forgive himself. "Shoko won"??? Far from it….far from it. Rape is not a good thing, and stories should be able to illustrate that without being condemned by the media or its audience. This kinda reminds me a bit of the reboot tomb raider game that had this one scene where lara Croft was about to be raped by some scumbag and when the internet saw this scene, the media was all over the game before it even came out about the implied rape scene. This created so much pressure on the game creators that they went as far as to back-pedal and release a statement that lara trying to wrestle the guy off was not intended to be a rape scene. It was such a shame because that really could have added an element to lara's tortured past that made her who she is today, but alas, the game creators creativity was stifled by the media's reaction to rape in video games (what does it matter if it's in a video game; they are allowed to tell deep, complex stories as well). Stuff like that should not be happening because it impedes a person's ability to tell a story. I think using rape for shock value is lazy and inane, but clearly when there's a grander purpose, it can really create an emotional tale filled with turmoil, hardship, and resolution and i think valvare can achieve that….hopefully (am i giving it too much credit???).

  6. t

    Touchy subject, but I don't consider this rape. Either you have an old fashioned legal system, the wrong use of the word rape or strict morals.

    Rape = when someone penetrates the victim unwillingly in my country. ( and yes it can even be entering an ear with a finger ) In this case it can be considered some other act of violence, but most likely its just unhappy rough sex. Sunrise is touching the borders here. Look closely before you judge! The law ain't there for nothing…

    ( And no, i'm not pleading for legal rape or anything. This is just not rape if you look closely and understand the situation. )

    She willingly surrenders herself to help him out of compassion for his curse. She did like him, but she now knows she can never get him the normal way, i.e. to love her like he loves Shouko. Yes, they apparently had 'sex', but she did not resist, she embraced her destiny. ( as you can clearly see she embraces him and caresses him, because she cares ) She might not like it because it is not the real boy she loves, but some cursed monster instead. Not because she is forced or beaten or what not. Did he enter her? Probably. Did she want him to? Yes, but not like this. Did she accept it? Yes, so it is consensual. Consensual rape does not exist, so it's just consensual sex. It's just a very bad first time..

    She clearly surrenders herself to the fact this is a curse and she cannot get the guy through any normal means. Which is why she is so depressed. And why she also does not run or fight back; i.e. Shouko won.

  7. R


    So, you saw no resistance?

  8. l

    theLazySamurai has substantially captured my thoughts, except for the part about Saki saying Shouko won. The reason why she said it was she was looking at her phone and seeing the results of the elections that Shouko won. It can also be construed that she thought that having given herself to the berserk Haruto, she would forever never get the kind of love that Shouko got from Haruto as Haruto will always feel obligated to her.

    @Richard, there was initial resistance but she gave in as she understood the situation. It was no win for her in any way.

  9. M

    With Saki and Haruto both unwilling participants, how could it not be rape? Rape requires absent of consent – there's nothing consensual about this. Saki isn't willing, why else would she fought even having Haruto slaming her a few times to drive home the sense of being dominated? Haruto would not have done this to Saki – he loved Shouko too much for him to hurt her like this and he is a man with morals. He wasn't even in control of himself – how could he be blame? But a rape did occur too both of them and they have to live with it…


  10. R


    The problem is Haruto here, not Saki. Haruto wouldn't have stopped even if she resisted. lazySamurai said "She willingly surrenders", did she have any other option in the first place?.
    It's truth that she understood the situation, but she didn't embrace it, she called it a "curse", not a blessing.

    It's undoubtedly rape imo, and I feel somewhat like Enzo does: Wether I hate it or not will depend on the next episode.

  11. S

    I found the whole scene annoyingly stupid as I think that it didn't make sense – on one side, Saki was clearly resisting, on the other, she was resisting like a weak, "human" girl, rather than a "holy spirit" or whatever. They are both basically immortal. She could have kicked him in the nuts so hard she'd reduced them to mash and he would have healed anyway, so she shouldn't have worried for his body integrity (as after all she might have been considering that normal Haruto is a decent guy).

    I found that the earlier scene in the elevator though was much more offensive. First Haruto assaults the blonde girl, then they try to disguise the berserk moment as a sort of… attempted rape I guess (oh, the irony! Also, how does that not make Haruto into an outcast anyway?). Then the blonde girl looks like she's almost disappointed that Haruto stopped, AND Saki comments something along the lines of "if you go around dressed like this, don't complain if you get sexually assaulted now and then" – even when she knows very well that was not even the point. That's like a dictionary of rape culture, A to Z, laid down for the viewers.

  12. t

    The media went berserk over it, but maybe that's because Japan simply has an old-fashioned way of looking at it. Sex related stuff is still a taboo there. ( weird since they have such a large sex industry.. ) Time to reform?

    But maybe our legal system is too liberal for people's sake. But I honestly think that if someone could ask Saki, she would say it was not rape at all.

  13. s

    Liberal? Are you supporter of the Republican rape train Richard Murdoch and Todd Akin? I can't believe you're actually trying to define legitimate rape here.

    Whether or not Saki had feelings for Haruto and felt sympathy for him during the ordeal, 2 things stand out that you can't ignore:
    1- It's obvious to everyone she resisted until Haruto was basically inside her.
    2 – She came across as sad and morose after Haruto woke up.

    That's rape. There's the convenience of Haruto not being guilty since he was out of mind. There's the lovely detail of Saki actually liking Haruto. But thinking Saki's not a definite victim is bullshit.

  14. A

    @schwegburt. Exactly. She stopped resisting because she gave up NOT because she consented.

  15. Yeah, this is pretty much what I was afraid of.

  16. T

    Ya I absolutely refuse to believe that it was consensual in any way. I have held by decision on whether I like the scene or hate until we get more information. From all of Saki's mannerisms and words she was hating it. Yes she wanted to hook up with Haruto but her demeanor screamed this is awful, I hate this. I didn't want it to be like this.
    Yes it is shown that she knew how to knock him out of the state but once she realized what was happening and that what Haruto has is a curse she realized that it was a burden she needed to help him bear. In no way does this make it any less awful or either of them any less assaulted by the OS system. There is no way that look in her eyes after is one of any form of happiness.

    Now we wait and see if it was a cheap shock gimmick or one with seriously considered implications to the plot and handled in a serious way with the characters to see if it is worth my hate or accaptance.

  17. s

    It wasn't consensual.

    Saki expected Haruto to bite her. Instead he tackled Saki and pinned her down. He literally had the jump on her and she definitely didn't think it would escalate that far. If you know anything about traumatic moments, humans often act like deer in the headlights. Yeah, dumb observers will go "Why can't she bite or knock him out", but surprise and getting forced down does a lot to hamstring resistance.

  18. t

    I think it's interesting. You have a rape where both participants are victims, neither wanted this. Haruto is out of his mind, and Saki, while obviously not wanting this, seemed to "accept" it insofar as "he's going to do this to someone at least this way it won't be someone else".

    It's a really horrible, repulsive scene that spreads tears everywhere, but I think it'll be interesting to see what happens next. Haruto's going to really torn up about it, of course, but we'll need to see what Saki says.

    And you're right, this isn't fun and games anymore. There's something very dark and sinister in this series, and it's only now coming out of the shadows.

  19. E

    In before people giving Valvrave too many credits…

    If it's really a curse and a dark and sinister power, Haruto should have killed people he has bitten, turning them into his zombie, or minion, or lesser vampire. But no, instead he controls their body like what we usually see in doujinshi. Saki even used this power to have some fun. What's sinister about that? He may go berserk all he wants and all that will happen is only him borrowing people's body. But now, suddenly it becomes a curse which commands you to rape people? Oh my God…

    The writer doesn't know what is called consistency, apparently. And if somebody argued that the writing is inconsistent because it's supposed to be a parody, I want him/her to tell me what's funny in recent episodes.

  20. M

    But the rape scene shows how dark and sinister the power is? It's enough to make Haruto break down at least. In fact it kinds of consistent with the vampires mythological, as blood-sucking sometimes viewed as a sexual act and vampires lusting over virgin maidens and all that.

  21. R


    There was a lot of foreshadowing for this.

  22. J

    Oh yes we wouldn't want that would we as there's a narrative to keep up here.

  23. E

    Yes, but as I said, a dark and sinister power should have killed / inflicted permanent harm on people who got bitten, hence why I said 'inconsistent'.

  24. M

    I don't mind the rape scene. It wasn't explicit (Kara no Kyoukai rape scene was more explicit and disturbing) and it showed how VVV-tan is actually something scary. It also showed that Haruto is truly doomed as a monster, as he's the only one who have these urges. The rest of the pilots are normal except the immortality part.

    And let's be clear here, it was clearly rape. She can't escape him and even if she does, Haruto will still lost control and might rape someone else. To Saki it's better for his hunger to be fulfilled now and as someone that shared the same curse as him, it might as well be her. I expect that now they are going to schedule his biting time regularly so that he won't lose control like this again.

    (And Enzo, I disagree about rape is an act of violence and not sexual; it's an act of sexual violence. But each to his/her own.)

  25. l

    I was not disgusted or angry by the act. More a rolling-the-eyes moment wondering whether there was really a need to go that route and sighing thereafter.

  26. N

    I am more disgusted by people's reactions to it, both "It ain't rape if…" public (I wonder if people are so oblivious of what rape is because the issue rarely appear in literature?) and the "They shouldn't have put it in!!" public (on other hand, other heinous crimes are supposedly alright).

    As far as the scene goes, I am glad to see Sunrise had guts to not water it down. It is a curse, Valvrave's are a species, Haruto is being controlled by a crazy witch, Saki thought this whole vampirism is a good thing, etc. The only reason I didn't except the rape was because writers in general tend to be too afraid of using this plot device and acting like it doesn't exist.

  27. s

    Yeah, I sure didn't see this coming.

    In reflection, I am okay with the way the scene was handled. People can argue over whether it was necessary for Valvrave to tread into this territory (though you can say that about any show that does, I suspect) but I found no overt sexualization in the way the act was presented. Saki's dreadful realization of what Haruto's curse truly means, the cuts to Shoko's speech and Haruto's own horror upon regaining his senses all deliver the scene with the proper weight, gravitas and seriousness the subject deserves. Make no mistake-Haruto himself is a victim of the rape as well. Perhaps not inasmuch as Saki since he won't have a recollection of the experience, but this was an act that violated both of their own wills.

    Saki's own reactions are complicated, but I feel they accurately convey the extreme mixture of emotions that must have been going through her at the time. We know she has feelings for Haruto, but she certainly didn't want him like this. At the same time, she recognizes that he's not in control of what's happening to him and neither of them could have predicted this outcome. In this light the hand-holding, head cradling and other 'consenting' types of behavior come off to me as Saki's attempt to exert some small, futile sense of control over the situation for her sake if not out of some complicated desire to comfort, if not pity Haruto. It doesn't seem like an unreasonable place for a rape victim to go to for me, and I can't really place the fact that some people (some on this very blog) will claim these actions don't make it rape at Valvrave's feet.

    In terms of the show's events, i'm more disturbed by the elevator scene with Takahi, where Saki is very quick not only to suggest 'uncontrollable lust' as a cover for Haruto's behavior but to immediately blame Takahi's manner of dress for instigating it in stereotypical victim-blaming manner. This compounded Takahi's "Wait, I was kind of into it!" reaction at the end seem incredibly fucked up to include in an episode with an actual rape waiting in the wings at the end. I suppose one might make the argument that this is intended as irony or foreshadowing of what awaits at the end, for Saki to go through the motions of repeating what many victims of sexual assault face every day only to become one of those victims herself, but even in that context it seems mean-spirited and insensitive.

    In the end, i'm on the fence. Much is going to be made of how Valvrave handles the repercussions of this event throughout the show. Both respective scenes illustrate a good and bad way to go about it, and I don't know which the show will ultimately choose.

  28. J

    What I predict happening is even if there is a strong follow up and Valvrave does handle the rape situation with an air and gravity of understanding for the awkwardness of what has been depicted between two major characters because so many people have already made up their minds to fnd fault any way possible with the show it'll be twisted around and important/inconvenient aspects will be ignored by the punditry in order to proclaim it hasn't been and so people can continue to trash on the show.

    Also never understood why death and murder can be brushed off so easily but what looks like an ambiguously as of now depicted possible rape scene has people horrified. its such an American Puritan perspective, that sex or sex crime> murder and war crime in terms of severity.

  29. A

    @sirusavi. Absolutely agreed.

  30. .

    What's the Japanese response thus far? Is their media having a field day with this episode?

  31. All I've heard (second-hand) is that the response on 2ch was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

  32. .


    How do Japanese animation companies get away with something like this?
    Where I'm from, this would have been censored/rejected by the government immediately!

  33. Well, thank goodness that wasn't the case here. If the censorship law currently being debated in the Diet passes, though, all bets are off.

  34. Z

    The 2ch reaction isn't surprising considering many of its membership were the audience for a game like RapeLay (a truly awful concept).

  35. H

    I agree that however odious one might think this particular instance is, giving the government censorship / veto power over something even as relatively tame as this depiction would be far worse.

  36. s

    @ Zeta Zero – I didn't even know a game like that existed. I'm not surprised, but dear god.

  37. K

    I admit I am enjoying Valvrave more than I thought I would but the rape plot twist at the end was probably the absolute worst thing the show has done.

  38. M


  39. m

    What really worries me is not the use of rape itself but the number of people who are saying it isn't rape – not due to malice but simply because they are ignorant of what constitutes rape. Having studied law in university, I can certainly say that by applying the facts, consent was certainly not freely given and lack of resistance cannot be taken to be implied consent. Not sure how it is in other countries, but the New Zealand Crimes Act 1961 has a specific section to clarify this:
    128AAllowing sexual activity does not amount to consent in some circumstances
    (1)A person does not consent to sexual activity just because he or she does not protest or offer physical resistance to the activity.
    (2)A person does not consent to sexual activity if he or she allows the activity because of—
    (a)force applied to him or her or some other person; or
    (b)the threat (express or implied) of the application of force to him or her or some other person; or
    (c)the fear of the application of force to him or her or some other person.
    (3)A person does not consent to sexual activity if the activity occurs while he or she is asleep or unconscious.
    (4)A person does not consent to sexual activity if the activity occurs while he or she is so affected by alcohol or some other drug that he or she cannot consent or refuse to consent to the activity.
    (5)A person does not consent to sexual activity if the activity occurs while he or she is affected by an intellectual, mental, or physical condition or impairment of such a nature and degree that he or she cannot consent or refuse to consent to the activity.
    (6)One person does not consent to sexual activity with another person if he or she allows the sexual activity because he or she is mistaken about who the other person is.
    (7)A person does not consent to an act of sexual activity if he or she allows the act because he or she is mistaken about its nature and quality.
    (8)This section does not limit the circumstances in which a person does not consent to sexual activity.
    (9)For the purposes of this section,—
    allows includes acquiesces in, submits to, participates in, and undertakes
    sexual activity, in relation to a person, means—
    (a)sexual connection with the person; or
    (b)the doing on the person of an indecent act that, without the person's consent, would be an indecent assault of the person.

    For everyone who's out there who had been saying that 'this isn't rape because she wasn't fighting it off/she likes Haruto' please, please read the above and correct others who may have thought the same thing.

  40. c

    i sure didn't see this coming!! and i was watching this with my niece who is 13 years old when that damn scene suddenly put in! i had to sign out instantly when i understood what was happening! I relooked alone after to see how far it went, and i'm still kinda of shocked: when you watch Aku no Hana, you sort fo expect something weird and dirty to come along but this anime didn't seem to be going into that direction at all……….

  41. t

    I really don't think you should be watching late-night 1:30AM adult anime about bloody violence and vampires with a 13-year-old.

  42. A

    ''Clayton "Claytie" Williams''

    I didn't even need to do a google search, I just remembered this chart:


    And the worst part? There are even worse on there …

    (no consensual rape though, to my surprise. You'd figure that would be the first thing they would say about the subject)

    I'm in the process of writing my own take on the events of this episode, but my first reaction was absolute disgust. I can certainly ee that it manages to tie in with the overall narrative and it isn't something that is completely out of left field, but I can't help but shake my head at the reactions to the event and the need to include it here.

  43. A

    Having now seen the episode it struck me as a particularly cheap and very nasty way of attempting to generate cliche shock and angst. It's not big and it's not clever, and purely gratuitous.

    What happens now depends on how they handle the aftermath of this scene and how it affects the group dynamic, which must now be surely shattered.

  44. R

    An interesting analysis is that Facility (Kikan) may have a double meaning.

    In the EULA the pilot must follow the Facility's orders and it reserves the right to take away the life of the pilot.

    Kikan could also mean Engine. What does the Valvraves have? The Rave Engine.

    If VVV-tan is the Engine of VVV-I then Haruto is pretty much a slave to her whims.

  45. s

    As ReddyRedWolf said, VVV-tan controls Haruto to an extent based on numerous times we've seen Haruto went berserk. I think VVV-tan, in due time, will eventually take over Haruto's body. She and Haruto have a connection and it seems like VVV-tan through Haruto, gets to feel the outside world.

    Since I'm more interested in L-elf and his dynamics with Haruto, I tend to look for the connection of major events happened in the series with him and a dark suspicion was formed. What if this is NOT the first time VVV-tan tried to have sex via Haruto? If so, it makes sense why L-elf insists to be in the same room as Haruto in the last episode, why L-elf punched him into unconsciousness instead of just "snapping him out of it" like Saki did, why L-elf was very weary and on guard whenever Haruto lose control and the major tell, L-elf's reaction when VVV-tan said if he's ready for the "insertion".

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