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A funny thing happened in the middle of this episode: Kuroneko actually showed up.

Hard to know just what to make of this episode of Oreimo, really.  On the one hand, we’re at least back on-point as far as the story is concerned, and the more likeable members of the cast actually had a role to play.  But on the other, it was full of more than its share of headdesk moments and seemed to confirm that the series is on an inexorable path towards, if not an outright incest route, than outright acknowledging the possibility rather than only inferring it.

Let me just make it clear that even if I didn’t find Kirino insufferable, I would still disapprove of such a relationship getting serious consideration in a show that at least purports to be a realistic character comedy.  I’m not so liberal in my thinking that I don’t consider biological siblings getting it on to be a really, really bad idea – but given that I do find Kirino one of the most irritating characters in anime it almost doesn’t matter in this case.  But I suppose if there’s any hope for Oreimo to have any real progress this issue has to be dealt with, because their mutual love-hate infatuation has been obvious elephant in the room from the first episode.

Mind you this is by no means Kirino’s fault alone – Kyousuke becomes pretty insufferable himself when he’s with her.  His simpering, spineless behavior as she abuses him is at least as irritating as anything she does, and we saw it on full display with their “fake” date in the first half of the episode.  That whole premise was pretty silly – going to such lengths simply to avoid having to say no to a modeling agent is (even in Japan, where avoiding saying no is almost a religion) quite absurd.  Then there were the endless string of coincidences – naturally, both Manami and Ruri have chance meetings with the sibling lovers.  And the notion that Kirino is so perfect that she has yet another industry on its hands and knees, begging her to grace it with her presence.  Jeebus…

Ack.  In any event, as stated, maybe all this was necessary to finally move things forward – and in the context of Oreimo that certainly seems to mean bringing the feelings between Kuroneko and Kyousuke into the open.  Their pairing isn’t exactly perfect either but at least she isn’t his sister – and he’s much more likeable paired off with Kuroneko than Kirino.  Not surprisingly the second half of the ep was much better than the first, as it focused on the three of them and Saori going to Comiket to try move copies of a doujinshi they’ve collaborated on.  For a show as adept at portraying the otakuverse as Oreimo is, a trip to Comiket was a natural – and if anything, it undersold just what a madhouse it is.  I attended the Winter version (C83) where the lines are less ridiculous and the heat not a factor, and it was still an endurance test of the highest order.

The key question, as usual, is where Oreimo goes from here.  Kirino suggests that she has a boyfriend – the mere thought turns Kyousuke into a disgusting blancmange – and then goes all morose and moody when she sees he and Ruri getting along so well.  Ruri “confesses” she’d actually be happy if Kirino had a boyfriend (for obvious reasons).  So Kuroneko gets points for honesty – she’s made things plenty clear to Kyousuke – but he’s effectively “come out” in the last two eps and acknowledged that his siscon is more than just a joke or a phase.  I suppose this has to drag on for the rest of the series, and while it doesn’t necessarily need to end with a Kuro-Kyou pairing for me to be satisfied (Saori was actually my original choice, and Ruri can do better than Kyou anyway) I do hope we at least get a resolution that sets aside the incest nonsense definitively.  If nothing else, that’s necessary if Kyousuke and Kirino are to have anything remotely resembling a healthy sibling relationship.

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  1. i

    GE its called Ore no Imouto ga Konnai Kawai Wakaganai. I think incest, especially considering how insufferably popular Kirino, is going to remain a main theme for the romcom part of the show until it ends. I have just accepted that and now assume the common cliche that they are actually not blood related to get by it.

    But Kyousuku is rather pathetic around her and her friends like he's being constantly bitch whipped. I do hope that Kuroneko gets a real relationship with him to at least spare any more of the guy being Kirino's bitch.

  2. l

    Actually the creator of oreimo said since they did the non-blood related route in the psp it wont happen in the series.

  3. s

    when i first started watching this series, i had originally intended manami to be the one to steal kyousuke's heart; she balances him out in many ways. But when i finally smartened up n saw where this show was going, i decided it'd be best if i just pretended i never even considered that pairing or any other one for that matter (like kyou and Ruri) and accept that this is a story of Kyousuke and Kirino realizing that the crappy relationship they have is due to years of subconscious sexual tension between the two of them (Kirino realizing this tension through eroge and kyousuke through trying to give "brotherly advice") and how they finally come to terms with this these feelings once they reach the conscious surface.

  4. d

    so does this mean that Kirino is the Third Impact or the fourth?

  5. B

    Kirino was slightly (only slightly) less insufferable in this episode than in the last one, so that's… better, I guess? At least the other characters made appearances, I'll call that progress.

    Episode still sucked, too much Kirino.

  6. J

    I don't think I've ever watched an anime where I had such extreme feelings of hatred towards the character who's supposedly the heroine of the show. I don't know what angle Kirino is trying to play at. Whatever it is, it certainly would not justify the way she treats Kyouseke. He must either be a saint with a shit-ton of patience because I think anybody else would have bitch-slapped the bitch already.

    I completely agree on your points regarding Kuroneko. The last 4 episodes of S1 really put her on the spotlight and I wish they would involve her more. They kind of left us hanging at the end of S1

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