Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate – 13 (OVA)

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Cute girls baking cookies.

Not much to say about the KoiChoco OVA, really.  It basically chronicles an afternoon in the life of Yuuki as the overworked Student Council President, or more specifically Chisato and Satsuki fighting over his time. Chisato wants him to teach her to bake, and Satsuki wants him to help her with Student Council budget stuff (she says).  There’s also a visit from a group of girls who I gather are from another sprite/fairys game, and their odd presence doesn’t add anything apart from a sense that this OVA amounts to a full-length commercial, and crowds out the regular members of the supporting cast.

If there’s anything notable here, it’s that the OVA acknowledges the rivalry between Chisato and Satsuki more overtly than the TV ever did – though the ending is certainly predictable.  Once again I have a hard time warming to Chisato’s unsettlingly possessive behavior and dramatic mood swings, but this is nothing compared to episode 9. On the whole this one is pleasant if forgettable, certainly adding nothing indispensable to the series contributions, but it’s nice to see a few of the KoiChoco gang again after all this time.  I just we’d seen a few more of them.

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  1. i

    It was an okay episode. Chisato was as annoying as ever but at least there was more Satsuki and we can always hope that she lost the battle but won the war.

    One more thing why is that all Harem leads are completely numb to the most obvious actions of their harem maidens? I mean it was fairly obvious to anyone with an IQ above -13 why the competition was called off. Is for comedy or to keep the harem in status quote?

  2. H

    Pretty typical OVA. The over-reliance on the cross-promotional characters was a bit offputting, especially since they're not even characters in an anime.

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