Tokyo Diaries – Tsutsuji Matsuri

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It feels like summer, but the calendar says April.  I’m truly frightened about what’s to come.

Next week is a Golden Week here in Japan, and a precious week off from school (and for most of the country, work).  Sadly, financial issues make a trip impossible and anyway, Golden Week is legendary for insane crowds on every train, plain and bus – not to mention hotels and tourist destinations.

So it’s a staycation for me – hopefully most of Tokyo will be visiting somewhere else.  Today was a low-key day, but I did stop by the Azalea Festival at Nezu Jinja (I did a post about Nezu a few weeks back).  I also made a brief stop at the Shitamachi Museum near Ueno Park, a small but entertaining look back at old Tokyo before the Great Kanto Earthquake and the war reshaped it forever. 

I did see one especially odd thing at the Matsuri – this man walking about with a cat on his shoulders.  I’ve hung with many mellow cats in my life, but it’s hard to imagine any of them being cool with riding on my neck with those massive crowds of people everywhere.  But then, one of my friends saw two Japanese people walking their vegetables last week, so in this country I guess anything goes.

Enjoy the pics.

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  1. K

    The cat makes me think of Nyanko Sensei on Natsume's shoulder.

  2. e

    Some like it hot, sugar 8).

    Azaleas are one of Lake Maggiore flora forte too, your pics feel like a mirror of the view I used to enjoy living on those shores years ago. What a complicated feeling, although the flowers themselves are really pretty regardless of their location :>.

    What a fashionable neko jacket! But what do you mean by 'walking your own vegetables'? I'm having mind visions of daikon used as walking canes…

    Love the retro furniture :,).

  3. Literally, walking about with a vegetable on a leash.

  4. e

    Nani?!— Compared to that my kinks are way too mild…

  5. I

    Walking vegetables? What kind of vegetables?

  6. e

    Thank you for asking, that has been bugging me too but I didn't dare bother Enzo more than I already do XD.
    *kitten eyes* Eeeeeenzo?

  7. G

    LMAO..I was wondering the exact same thing. Something like tomatoes would be hard to walk….

  8. Why? Tomatoes would roll well.

    I'm trying to remember – I did see the photo. I think one of them was a potato of some kind.

  9. G

    well, it would be pretty hard to tie a string around…I was thinking more along the line of celery or carrots. But I guess if they had potato, tomato is fair game. >.< It must be a conspiracy!

  10. G

    Beautiful pics Enzo~~ It looks so spring-y there or summer-y. I'm so ready for some warm weather right now with the depressing weather we have over here. =(
    And the cat is so cute >.<..You can never really do that with a dog (and I'm a dog person), regrettable.

  11. h

    Holy wow, Catman. Myarvelous.

    And I thought I was scared of what's in store. I will gladly play the scaredy-cat no longer. In fact, I'd like to wear my cat nyow — the added seasonal relevance to me (read: extra fur scarf) is but fluff to my newfound imperative to dogmatically purrsue this Catchy trend — cat get any better than the knockout combo of warmth and trendiness! Though I daresay summer in Japan may well prove downright swaddling. To me, any degree of warmth would be naught but the briefest of paws in a winter frigid enough to leave me feeline nigh catatonic, and I'd venture there's not a cat in hell's chance of that changing here any time soon.

    I beg your pardon for all this purrfectly trite garbage, of course, down to this mewling apology. What can I say to excuse this hair-brained facetiousness of mine? Anyway, now that the cat is out of the bag and I openly admit I'm not the cat's whiskers, I can't as well claim cat got my tongue — just don't hurt me-ow! (There's more than one way to skin a cat, and that's coming from one prone to hiss at the expression.)

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