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    Loved your comments about "Light Novel Disease" in the podcast. It was a point that desperately needed making. Kudos to you. Calling attention to how terribly smartass and self-referential VN adaptations seem to be as late, on balance, is a bold and refreshing move from a blogger. I especially liked how you carefully set up a contrast between OreShura (a mediocre VN adaptation) and Little Busters (another VN adaptation, but one that is sincere and charming, distinguishing it from the norm).

  2. Well actually, I never specifically compared OreShura and LB I don't think, just offered contrasting opinions about them. Because Oreshura is a LN adaptation and LB is a VN adaptation.

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    Wait, isn't a VN a subset of LN? Just viewed on the PC? If this seems like a retarded question, it probably is. Just saying.

    In any event, pardon my ignorance. The takeaway for me is that I liked what you were saying about snarky, self-aware LN adaptations a la OreShura and specifically how LB doesn't share these presentation flaws (it does the opposite). I saw a kernel of truth in such sentiments, even if I didn't quite understand the subtleties as I should.

    And I heartily concur that the industry is a bit plagued at the moment with this very sort of LN adaptation ("LN-ibyou"), since OreShura-esque series are getting to be a dime a dozen nowadays (excuse the actual Bluray costs for the expression's sake, haha).

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    Green is dah color folks. Remember that 8D. [then Stilts came and went for teal. Damn. That swayed my kokoro for a second. But hey we don't really have a single word in my language for 'teal', and it's a blue-green shade anyway. My loyalty is still unquestionable yay 8D ].
    I skipped a couple of sections admittedly (just not interested in 2 out of the 4 winter series ) but I must say from the loving reptilian side of my brain:
    1) you pushed for Yamato, GeK and Hyougemono. ENZO DAISUKI. The tasty and the tasteful in the same bloglicious package.
    2) Shirokuma and Zetsuen musical breaks! Hoooray hooray hooray. Who was the sausage responsible? Wanna hug him to my bosom :,).
    3) Stilts and Enzo make for a nice contrast listening. You sounded a bit… muffled? in the beginning oh blogger-sama. You combed you throat's bed hair pretty quickly though. Thy brain was snappy all the time anway.
    4) because of my skipping – I think – I couldn't pinpoint the one guy moaning awfully often X,DDD: Zanibas or Takaii? Those 'aaaaah's were sorta audioporny in a funny non(?)-intentional way.
    5) The Man Who Waited. Keep a pee bucket at hand next time? :p

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