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I’m thinking it might be better if we skipped straight to the BD extra eps now.  Is that possible?

For balance’s sake, I’ll start this post by saying something positive about this episode.

Ria isn’t as annoying as I thought she’d be.

I’m really surprised at how little the second season of Oreimo has focused on the things I liked about the first, and how much on the things that drove me crazy.  And struck once more by how much better the extra episodes in the “True Arc” were because – and let’s be honest here – Kirino wasn’t in most of them.  I know she has her fans – I’m not one of them, in case you couldn’t tell – but for me, Kirino brings a whole bunch of things that show Oreimo at it’s least appealing:

  • Kirino
  • Kirino’s annoying friends (from two continents)
  • Siscon shipping

If you’d told me that four episodes in, we would have zero episodes focused on Kuroneko or Manami, my first reaction would have been disbelief – there’s no way they’d ignore Kuroneko when she was the best and most popular thing in the first season.  But my second reaction would have been to be depressed, because Kyousuke is a hell of a lot more interesting and likeable as a main character interacting with those two than immersed in the abusive and possibly twisted relationship with his sister.

We’re only 1/3 of the way through this season, and that doesn’t include the BD arc, so it’s too early to get that depressed.  Maybe they’re getting a lot of this nonsense out of the way early, to focus on the good stuff.  And none of the first four episodes were bad (well, this one was pretty bad) – just not on the strong side of what Oreimo can do.  But if anything, what really stings is that we seem to have seen no character development from Kirino or even Kyousuke at all – it’s like we’re four episodes into the first season, not the second.  I do fully expect things to take a turn for the better, but I sure hope it’s soon.

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  1. f

    You've hit my thoughts exactly. After the first episode, despite Kirino's bitchy attitude scenes, I was expecting much after Kyo dwelled and was giddy on the possibility of Kuroneko's confession =03. In addition, I very much enjoy a Kirino-less story with the Game Research club members, since they are all enjoyable, esp Kuro and Akagi; but to be so led on into thinking it would continue like that, makes me feel that the director is trolling me =0. Eps 2-4 have been extremely painful to trudge through, and every time I see Kirino's(or in ep 2's case, Ayase; e.g. any of Kirino's bitchy friends) physical abuse to the brother who is trying to look out for her, I feel like dropping this show from the stratosphere and watching it burn into oblivion =02. But I KNOW that there will be more Kuro/Kyo interaction, and I DEFINITELY want to be there when he continues to address from the 1st ep what that kiss actually meant.

  2. G

    I mostly liked the 1st season and so far this year have hated this season. I'm sick of the old "walking in on nearly naked girl and getting slapped for it" tripe. She sucks the life out of almost any scene she is in and Kirino should have stayed in America.

  3. H

    I liked last week's episode, and thought it fit in pretty well, but the cumulative effect of the four episodes to start this season has been to completely destroy any narrative momentum the story had, ever from before the 'True End' ONA's. This Ria episode could have been dropped in anywhere, and was basically a siscon fanservice episode, and didn't develop Kirino or Kyousuke anywhere. We already know that Kirino and Kyousuke have a borderline too-focused-on-each-other-relationship, we didn't need another person to tell us that, and take a whole episode to do it.

  4. B

    Thie episode can die in a fire. I don't hate this Kirino stuff because she's Kyousuke's sister… I'm super liberal when it comes to relationships so I don't really care about that. If anything I find it funny, as a dude who actually has a little sister I can say with certainty that this Imouto fetish stuff was created by someone who doesn't have one.

    No, I hate Kirino because she's a world class bitch. Should have stayed in America? I would have approved if the plane she was in went down in the middle of the Pacific. She's all of the worst female character anime tropes rolled up into one, then turned up to 11. Every moment she's on the screen feels like you are dying a little inside. You say she has fans, Enzo? I for one find that really hard to believe. I can't imagine anyone who isn't a super M finding anything appealing about her at all. If she was my sister I'd seriously consider legal emancipation.

  5. S

    Please don't send her to the middle of the pacific! That's too close to where I live!

    I agree that it seems like we're just seeing a series of filler episodes. I want to see some progression!

  6. v

    Of course as long as she's tsundere made up of all of the terrible traits, those masochistic fans like her, the only reason she keeps appearing on the episodes, so those fans will keep buying those blu-ray. Anime fandom 90% of the time disappoints me.

  7. j

    I kind of forgot the whole point of the show…how again am I supposed to relate to kirino as a person?

  8. C

    I've officially forgotten why I liked this show so much.

  9. l

    -give all the kirino haters the middle finger- haters going hate.

  10. K

    I wish Kyousuke would go into Kirino's room and slit her throat, and then he and Kuroneko dance over her corpse. That would be the best episode ever.

  11. I sense you're holding back. How do you really feel?

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