Hunter X Hunter – Chimera Ant Casting Announced

One step closer to H x H history…

The characters names don’t mean too much to me for the most part, but the Chimera Ant cast is an interesting one.  As always Madhouse has gone with a share of industry heavy-hitters here – Miki Shinichiro is the name that stands out for me, as he’s always been one of my favorites.

Here’s the complete list:



  1. i

    Will Chimera Ant be like a four part movie shown in four episodes of HxH or something like that?

  2. I don't quite get the question. The manga arc is huge, isn't it?

  3. i

    Wasn't Chimera Ant supposed to be a movie that would be broadcast in parts in the TV show slot during spring?

  4. Not as far as I know. This arc is like 130 chapters, and covers most of what's remaining to be told. Madhouse has given no indication that they plan to end the adaptation soon so they have no reason to rush through this arc – at the pace they've been going they can probably get a full year out of it.

  5. s

    The Ant arc is huge. In a way the Ant's are actually broken up into 2 sub arcs, being pre/post King's birth. That being said, if they go that far the next arc is pretty much guaranteed to get made just for story resolution. At which point, that uses up all the available material.

  6. Z

    Actually, if they'll go at a good pace, I'd guess the arc would be covered in about 32 episodes. The chapters are pretty short after all.

  7. i

    Oh I see, I thought I saw somewhere that it would be made in a TV movie and broadcast in parts over just spring season. Probably just some mistake.

    So after Chimera Ant there's no new material? Is Togashi-sensei still on Hiatus?

  8. c

    There's one relatively short arc that comes after the Chimera Ants, but it's still pretty good. Togashi is still on hiatus and frankly I would operate under the assumption that he never picks up a pen again. It's currently at a place that would make a decent ending with some minor rewrites, so I wouldn't really be too worried anyway.

  9. C

    i'm something like seventeen episodes into HxH.

    i like it a lot (fourteen of those episodes were watched in one sitting – currently my longest marathon) but i really wish it would give me a little more action. yeah, the second-to-last trial on the island was super engaging and played out pretty much perfectly, but, you know, could i have a three episode long fight now? please?

    the Dark Tournament arc is my favorite fitan shounen epic ever. you're so good at writing awesome fitan. gimme soooooommmmmeeeee.e.e.e.e.eeeeee.

  10. K

    Your not getting a three episode long fight, ever, let me tell you that now. You'll get some good fights but three, four episode long dragged out fights.

  11. b

    This arc may have quietly 50 chapters.

  12. A

    I think you are missing this one:

    Kusunoki Taiten as Morau

  13. G

    The Ant arc has always been one of my anime Holy Grails, I'm glad its finally gonna happen.

  14. t

    This is going to be ridiculously off topic, but I was browsing some of your older posts, and…how do you like Finger Lakes Rieslings?

  15. New York? They're hard to find on the West Coast – not sure I ever tried one. I have had Ontario Rieslings that were excellent, though.

  16. t

    Just saying, you might want to try them if you get the chance. I consider them the best whites to be found in the United States. But then, like you, I'm partial to the Riesling grape.

  17. m

    I am definitely going to be watching, but I hate the Chimera Ants. Seeing as how the entirety of Hunter X Hunter is about watching characters working hard to become stronger, I see the Chimera Ants as pretty much spitting in the face of that.

  18. c

    And Gon and Killua being uber-talented and quickly surpassing people who've been practicing longer than them doesn't? While there's certainly an element of "even talent needs to be polished", the talent usually ends up more important the hard work. And cleverness is more important than both.

  19. B

    I dunno if this was announced here before, but Shuuichi Ikeda also had been cast as the new character named Kite

  20. Yeah, they announced that several weeks ago so I didn't include it here.

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