Tokyo Diaries: Inokashira Park

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More Sakura?  Mochiron.

I paid a visit to Inokashira Koen in Kichijoji to check out the Sakura today, as it was my favorite spot in Tokyo when I was here in 2011 for the cherry blossom season.  Amazingly enough, it seems we’re already past peak there – though things were still pretty darn spectacular, there was definitely less coverage than during my visit in April of 2011.  Still beautiful however: while little known to tourists, Inokashira is one of the finest parks in Tokyo and Kichijoji is a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

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  1. e

    Kirei :,).

    Have you tried rowing there?

  2. I've rowed once in my life, on Lake Union in Seattle. And if someone had told me there were ferries and seaplanes on it, I sure as hell wouldn't have done it then.

  3. e

    Ahah. Well, I never tried it* but I do wondered about being surrounded by other 'things' (so the swan-like and cubic ones are called seaplanes in English? *files info*) in case like in the pics above… can you even trust them to steer away from you when they cluster like that? Your last sentence just answered this I guess.

    *the Venice paradox. But really, unless you happen to be a gondola oarsman or a fisherman you either walk or hop on the ferry.

  4. No, no – I mean actual planes, like the Sea Duck from "TaleSpin", taking off and landing on the water 20 yards away from where you're rowing. Not the most relaxing moments of my life, I can promise you – though they do stand as more so than a 200-foot passenger ferry bearing down on you.

  5. e

    Oops. OOPS.
    But hey, it's the kind of tale you can tell your enraptured grankids. Grandpa Enzo's Adventures Time 8D.
    My own grandma barely escaped being hit by the bottom of the moving ferry and/or drowning – she couldn't swim – after being pushed out by accident from said crowded ferry in Canal Grande about 50 years ago.

  6. e

    EDIT: a few key words missing. (…)you can tell your grandkids one day. Many decades from now you youngster you :p

  7. G

    Absolutely gorgeous~~~ very dreamy.

  8. R

    Now, I am jealous…it feels like as if you were living in a paradise. Scenery like that for sure can wash the worries away. I have never seen cherry blossoms live in my life — this is something that I really wanted to do some day…some day.

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