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    OMG you're from chicago too, I live in Glencoe lol!

  2. Geheheh. I lived on Park Avenue and went to Central School for Grades 1-6. Are you old enough to remember Big Al's on Vernon?

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    BIG AL'S LOL YEAH! I went to New Trier Highschool XP

  4. Small world, Glencoe is what – 10,000 people? Both my sister went to New Trier, but by HS I'd moved too far North.

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    thats so amazing, I knew we would have a connection 😉 I'll be following actively for the spring season so I cant wait for your first impressions. This is a really good blog, you should be proud.

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    Enzo did you ever join New Triers anime club?

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    Pod Cast was good but I already lost all respect for Luke Halliday after his disgusting Mawaru Penguindrum Rant/Rage review on youtube which was just embarrassing honestly. The news segment was awkward and not very interesting. Also I couldnt hear the questions because of that really annoying, repetitive electro jingle. I enjoyed though the talk of the upcoming season. Personally My Youth romantic comedy is the one I'm most looking forawrd too. If you've read anything from the light novels you would know why.

  8. Heh, I know nothing of said rant so I can't comment.

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    He is also a massive troll but you know, never mind him. As long as you had fun with the podcast.

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    Your penguindrum review was just done awfully and I could see you were obviously very angry but the way you handle the review was unprofessional and just ended up being a huge rant/rage/diss on the show. I didnt take you very seriously from that point on. But if you say you are different I have have to trust in that. Glad you are being mature about this.

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    Hi, thanks for your thoughts on the episode. I will take your criticism into consideration and discuss the audio issue with our podcast editor. I'm sorry that my thoughts on Penguindrum still bothers you after all this time, I hope it doesn't shape your view of myself and my work. I appreciate you commenting, thank you.

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    Sorry this comments system is new to me and I can't figure out how to edit and add to my posts. I appreciate your thoughts and honesty on the podcast and on my old Penguindrum review but I hope you can reassess your opinion on me and my work.

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    you are welcome and I just suggest trying not to offend people who have a different opinion from no matter how much you disagree. Cursing excessively is also unnecessary. I hope you have better succes in the future.

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    I guess the past will always haunt you. In retrospect some things I said were out of line. It was early days for me and I have since gone on to do bigger and better things in the anime industry. I know well enough now that one bad review or comment can colour you black in many peoples eyes. I feel that I have come a long way since then, thanks for listening to the podcast and thanks to Guardian Enzo for taking the time out to take part.

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    I dont really understand why you said the past will always 'haunt' me. I didnt even remember until I saw your name apart of the podcast. Your thoughts on mawaru penguindrum as I said were not taken seriously, meaning after you publicly embarrassed yourself I completely forgot about you until today. Your review was so atrocious that I remembered your name, thats all. I dont think im coming of as I cared for your work in the first place so please dont feel like I did and that I'm disappointed in you or something.

  16. I think Luke was referring to himself with that "haunt" comment, not you.

    In any event, maybe it's time to let this go?

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    yeah lets leave it there.

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    Heh, watching people try to "get" MPD and other slightly abstract works is always amusing. It's like watching people complain they're unable to see planets when they're using binoculars.

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    lol I'm such an idiot for not picking that up. nevermind haha

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    Enzo's audio kept blotting out and I was wondering if the CC guys were following or just being polite. Anyway it was funky.

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    The audio sorta wavered in places – and I agree with the comments about the bgm they picked, it really was covering the dialogue… keep the volume of that much lower next time? Even better, please get rid of that altogether. It got really annoying after just a couple of minutes ^^" – but the interview part was nice.
    Btw Enzo, if asking you your RL name bears those consequences you're welcome to proceed. Translate it in French and I'm game. I have no deletion wish but a little death… yohohoh bring it on what's your name dear 8D.
    More seriously, at about 6:15-&:20 I can't make out your sentence and it's driving me batty. The key word seems to be 'property'. 'Propriety'. 'Pottery'. Or is it 'Puberty'? After 5 tries I stopped re-listening to that passage as it was turning into an impromptu Rorschach's Test: Sound Edition. Any deciphering help for that bit to this non English native speaker is appreciated :,).

    LOL at the Blood-C bit. I knew it.
    On the other hand… hey Supernatural The Animation wasn't that bad.
    52:45-ish thanks all the kami the jingly bgm stopped :,D . T&B ED I never loved you as much while I watched the series than now as you save me from the jingly thing really.
    Btw, I could come out with better male masturbation jokes and I don't even have the required body or language equipment: podcast guy, my saucy side is disappointed. Leave those puns to Enzo if ever *stage-whisper* he brings effing horses! :p
    — oooh, tantalizing bit of HxH bgm. That ended too soon. But hey I can live and leave with some more T&B music coda.

  22. geheh – it was "poverty". Abject poverty.

    I dunno what happened with the mic – it's been OK for the RC 'casts.

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    Although now I've got this odd powerful urge to feed you homemade pie and sew you a Tsuritama quilt.

    For the mic I'm blaming the jingle music from hell. Bad vibes sticking into your forcefield, those.

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    Listening to Enzo, I kept coming up with the image of Al Franken.

  25. First time I've heard that one. I wish I had his money.

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    Overall, the podcast is enjoyable to a first-timer to the site although, like everybody else, I find that BGM distracting. What I enjoyed the most..teehee…was actually the interview part, especially when Enzo shared his advice to someone trying to get into anime blogging. That was all very good advice for life in general actually…! Hope that you don't mind me quote you…

    "Do it only if you love it."

    "Don't do it unless you are prepared to put enough effort in it to do something that you are proud of."

    "Do it about things that you love and not about things that you hate."

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