Hunter X Hunter Character Poll

Turns out LiA readers mostly agree with Shounen Jump readers.

No real surprises in the H x H poll – I’ve yet to see one where Killua didn’t come out on top. In the SJ polls from Japan, Kurapika sometimes finishes ahead of Gon, and Hisoka has never finished as high as second – so that was the only real suspense near the top. I thought Chrollo might nab the top spot outside the big five, but that honor fell to Biscuit. In fact, poor Leorio fell all the way to 7th place.



  1. e

    The two-charas limit was brutal Enzo. Brutal I tell you. I had 3 + 1 darlings myself I could not leave out and by Gon I made it X,D. Btw, I was among the Leorio supporters. I wuv ya Leo-baby.
    If anything I'm a bit surprised Hiso never ever reached 2nd place in Japan…

  2. i

    Did you see how the boys reacted to a naked Hisoka. Its reflective of what actual 12 year olds would think.

    I'm sure Gon and Killua wouldn't vote for him so SJ readers don't like to either. On another another note I'm sure Gon and Killua would have voted for each other.

  3. e

    @ishruns: How did they react? I'd dare say with fear&awe and even a teeny tiny bit of envy :p

    I won't argue on your final sentence though.

  4. H

    Guess who I voted for…

  5. A

    Voted for Zeno.
    Only two of us? :/

  6. By rule, all Z-named characters (given only) received only 2 votes…

  7. G

    LOL…Hisoka, not a tad surprised. His popularity has been on the rise lately.

  8. Judging by a few episodes back, that's not all of Hisoka's that's been on the rise.

  9. u

    I don't know if you read these old posts Enzo, but are you planning on doing a poll after the Chimera Ant arc ends? I'm very interested in where those characters would place. A lot of my favorite characters are actually in that arc.

  10. I have considered it, but it would take up the whole damn sidebar…

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