Quick Schedule Update

I’ll be doing the usual check-in post in a couple of weeks, but here’s a quick update on a couple of shows:

  • Magi and Sakurasou are on hold for now, though I may jump in again if I feel the impulse.  Magi is solid but the current arc doesn’t leave me needing to write much, and Sakurasou is just not exciting me at the moment – too many formulaic turns happening.
  • I encourage you to catch up with and watch Kingdom, even if I don’t cover it weekly.  It’s really on a roll.
  • Haganai is in for now, but if it continues the trend of the premiere – which continued the trend at the end of S1 – I may drop it.
  • I won’t try and make sense of the new season yet, but so far Kotoura-san, Minami-ke and Chihayafuru are the only locks.  I like Hakkenden and ZKC but not enough to cover them at this point, Amnesia, Orshura and MMY are in the undecided pile.


  1. K

    Kingdom has been an amazing and solid series. I look forward to watching it each week. I highly recomend it to everyone.

  2. A

    Yes — I am following Kingdom. The animation isn't as bad as most think; the story itself is interesting enough to keep you following weekly — especially for those who appreciate history.


  3. A

    What is ZKC? Zetsuen no Tempest? I thought you liked that show.

    No mention of Tamako Market means it's dropped already? I thought you liked that bird.

    I say, drop them all. Haganai, Hakkenden, Amnesia, Orshura and MMY. All of them. ah ha ha ha!

    And when should we expect LB to be put on hold, following Magi and Sakurasou? It really should, but I suppose you can't since you cover it officially at RC. Can't back out now; it's a commitment.

  4. A

    ZKC is Zettai Karen Children.

    And I don't know what reality you live in at the moment, but I don't believe there was ever any mention of LB on the chopping list. If you don't like it, I completely understand, but just forget the post exists.

  5. A

    shhh! It was more of wishful thinking than anything else! Don't ruin it for me by your "facts" and "logic"!

  6. A

    Also he can't drop LB and still have that banner. That would be false advertising.

  7. No mention of Tamako Market means it's dropped already? I thought you liked that bird.

    No, like I said, I'm not trying to cover everything in the new season in this brief update. Tamako is in the undecided pile too.

    And I didn't mention LB because I'm not dropping it. Sorry, haters!

  8. S

    I'll have to give Ginga e Kickoff, Kingdom, and Space Bros a watch after they've finished airing and are subbed completely.

    Aside from continuing to watch Shirokuma Cafe, the only anime I'm definitely interested in are Unlimited and Senyu.

    Everything else is on hold until they finish airing, with the exception of Hunter X Hunter. That one I'll watch again once the Greed Island arc ends.

  9. S

    Just watched the second episode of Kotoura, definitely looks like a surprise hit. I think I'll also be watching this anime too.

    Besides that, I hope you'll keep blogging Unlimited, even if it's just in digest form.

  10. A

    Thanks Enzo for covering Kotoura-san, Minami-ke and, most importantly, Chihayafuru.


  11. H

    For blogging purposes the only ones from the new winter season I would be interested in seeing from you Enzo is The Unlimited: Hyobu Kyosuke and Oreshura

    (Chihayafuru is a shoe in of course X D)

  12. A

    well I'll only read and comment on tamako, oreshura, chihayafuru, haganai and shinsekai yori. if that helps lol

  13. Z

    Ohh… I love Magi, Sakurasou and Sword Art Online, I miss this posts hahaha

    But it's your blog, and your decision. I love the work you do, congratulations! 😀

    I hope someday you return with this 3 animes ^^

    (Sorry, my english is so poor…)

  14. Your English is fine, don't worry. Thanks for the thought!

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