Poyopoyo – Series Review

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Here’s a short review of a short show.

If you have two hours to spare, you could do far worse than spending them with the cast of Poyopoyo, DEEN’s wonderful little anime about a round yellow cat and the family who adopts him.  Each episode is 2:50 long, and the entirety plays out over the infectious background music.  There’s only so much depth one can achieve in less than three minutes, but legendary director Daichi Akitaro manages to mine a ton of laughs and general enjoyment out of this premise.

The 52 episodes of Poyopoyo were unfailingly fun, clever and charming – and could be surprisingly edgy, too.  It’s the best fit for you if you love cats, of course, but there’s a lot of affection for other animals as well, and some witty gentle needling of Japanese culture.  I always looked forward to Poyopoyo and it never disappointed me – I think this is about as good as it’s possible for anime to get in this format, and I highly recommend you check it out.



  1. A

    Glad to see you watched and enjoyed this little gem. I'm feeling rather wistful now that its over. Short anime done right.

  2. b

    It's the first show I watch every Sunday to brighten up my day.
    Really unappreciated and totally enjoyable. One of the best shorts out there.

    I miss Poyo already D:

  3. A

    I totally agree with you Enzo! ^_^

    – Flower

  4. e

    Cat <3! And a GE-approved one at that. Ok I'm sold. I had no chance to watch a single thing lately. Mini-episodes might just be the solution. *purrrrrs*
    Just curious… I have both Chii's Sweet Home and this in my to-watch list. Which one should I watch first? I'd keep the best for last, provided there's a quality gap between the two – if any – .

  5. Very hard to say – both are charming little shows. Poyo is definitely more lighthearted.

  6. C

    Yeah, loved this one. It's much sharper than Chi, which can be cloying when it's not being alarmingly cute

    If you're partial to short series with an edge to their humor, I'd also recommend Fireball and Fireball Charming.

  7. A

    Totally dependent on having an affinity for cats.

  8. Totally disagree.

  9. l

    it was very chraming,but also too short T.T

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