Another Win For the Good Guys – Uchuu Kyoudai Renewed

I can’t say this news surprises me all that much, but it’s still absolutely wonderful to hear that Space Brothers has been renewed, and not only that, will move to a coveted Saturday evening timeslot to share a block with Detective Conan.

This is further proof that there’s more to commercial success in Japan’s anime world than selling Blu-rays. Hunter X Hunter and Chihayafuru are other recent examples of the fact that things that TV ratings and manga sales (and movie tickets, for the former) still matter.  The Uchuu Kyoudai film was a huge smash, I see large displays for the manga in every bookstore, and the series has a broad cultural penetration in Japan.

Quality wins the day again – that’s reason enough to celebrate – but even better is the fact that we’ll now get to see Mutta as an astronaut! “Space Saturdays” here we come…



  1. N

    lol, still searching for that next big meme, I see…

    sono yori wa, woohoo! go Mutta!

  2. A

    You can read all that Japanese?

  3. With Google Translate's help I can get the gist of it.

  4. A

    Or you can just type in Space Bros. in google and news on it will come up.

  5. A

    Do you have an idea of where the anime is up to in the manga?

  6. K

    Translated manga are exactly even with the anime. They appear online at roughly the same time eaach week. Newest translated episode shows Hibito finding the thing Brain left that was sparkling. That happened this week in the anime too.

    Not sure how far along the japanese edition of the manga is?

  7. The anime is very near the halfway point of the manga now, so another full year seems likely, followed by a hiatus to allow the manga to build a lead.

    Given this and the news that Thermae Romae just had a second live-action film greenlighted, I'd expect to see reports of another Uchuu Kyoudai movie before long.

  8. A

    The anime is currently at the beginning of volume 9 of manga. 19 volumes have come out so far and still on going in Japan. So yes, it's about halfway point of currently available published manga.

  9. V

    Awesome, so does that mean that it will continue to run without going on a break?

  10. Other than the common one-week hiatus between seasons, seems that way.

  11. K

    Space Saturdays? Trying to find a replacement for Taichi Tuesday's I see. 😉

    But yes awesome news is awesome!

  12. A

    how many more episodes? Heck, I am not even sure how many were supposed to be for the 1st season, other than it's almost over.

  13. K

    Was supposed to be 50 I think. Now that it has been announced to have another season who knows.

  14. f

    I wonder how long ago this was decided, because they certainly have been taking their time lately, what with the Hibito-on-the-moon arc (not that I haven't been enjoying it immensely)

  15. a

    You might also be happy to know that Australian company Siren Visual has acquired the first season of Chihayafuru!

  16. A

    who cares. It's uchuu kyoudai post here. I suggest you post that in the on-going Chihayafuru posts.

  17. a

    Lurk moar. Chihayafuru takes precedence on this blog!

    Also, it's more or less a 'good news' post so I don't see the problem.

  18. A

    It's people like you make Chihayafuru fans look bad. Behave yourself (now if you just wrote the 2nd sentence only, that won't be any issue).

  19. a

    Chihayafuru forever <3

  20. B

    I am very atheist but this news is almost enough to make me believe.

    Space Bros. FTW.

  21. A

    BTW on a slightly different topic, I'm finally watching "Seirei No Moribito" after many failed attempts to endure first few minutes, Enzo. I can see why you liked this show so much. I've noticed some patterns that you appear to like in anime shows after reading the blog for the past 3-4 months. It's awfully similar to Kenshin; it's basically Kenshin ver.2:

    a) a main butch girl; although Kenshin is supposed to be a man, he can easily be a girl and nothing significant will change. Actually looking back the story could've worked even better had he been a woman
    b) the butch girl who is basically stronger than anyone, but refuse to kill under no circumferences
    c) tragic backstory for the butch girl and atonement/redemption theme reeks through the plot-line
    d) pretty much asexual main character
    e) her weapon breaks in the middle and had to get "the ultimate weapon" as a replacement from a sword master
    f) pre-20th century Japanese/Asian tradition (it seems like a hybrid of asian culture. From the look of it, mostly Chinese+ some Japanese elements mixed in) heavily bleed through every scene + samurai honor code
    The list goes on….

    I don't care for magic voodoo mumbo-jumbo traditional asian myth stuff they employ (it doesn't gel well with the samurai theme of the rest of the story and a distraction for me), but overall it's not too bad at all once I passed through first 2 episodes. It doesn't blow me away nor will it be in my top 10, but it's a good show and I intend to finish watching. Oh the animation is not too shabby for a show that came out 5 years ago.

  22. A

    To be fair, this is my impression up to episode 9 of "Seirei No Moribito".

  23. Kenshin V. 2? Really? I love RK but while there are some superficial – and even one or two substantive – commonalities, I don't see them as being peas in a pod by any means.

  24. Wrong.

    Telling people information about when arcs will end and giving nods and winks about what will happen is manga spoiling in my book. I wish I hadn't read it myself.

  25. e

    Good news indeed. More Mutta, more Apo <3
    'Space Saturdays'? :p

  26. A

    ok, so informing about arcs length and how arcs narratives changes are no-no, I get it. If that's your policy, fine.

    But how the heck is "you will find out what a certain show is or isn't when you watch it" is "nods and winks about what will happen" in your opinion? I think you're overreading things and reaching for something that isn't there. A bit overzealous and paranoid, almost.

  27. G

    Hi guardian Enzo, sorry for hijacking your post. I have been a big fan of your blog and have been reading your blog since random curiosity. I have an interview for an executive position through Skype on Tuesday with a Japanese company (They have reviewed my entry sheet and seemed to like my credentials. its located in Osaka). Can I have some advice on Japanese culture? Was hoping I could work in japan for a few years.

  28. Oh my Lord… There's no way in the world I could possibly answer that in less than a week, even if I knew enough about this confounding place to fill it (which I don't).

    Is it in Japanese, or English? I would advise against talking up your own prowess – that doesn't go over well here. Talk about how good the situations you've found yourself in are, and how great the other people that you've worked with are, and how much they've helped you.

  29. G

    The interview is in Japanese, which would be my biggest hurdle since I am only JLPT N2 certified. I was told that the interviewers would ask questions from the entry sheet, ( strength and weaknesses, reasons for applying etc etc.). Furthermore, they would test (foreigners like us) on our knowledge of Japanese culture. Think its time for me to google for answers. ^.^Thank you Enzo for your kind advice

  30. t

    It's interesting that all 3 shows you mentioned, HxH,Chihayafuru and Space Bros,all air on NTV.They've got a few winners right now.

    It's also nice that it's taking the place of something that wasn't anime,if we want more diversity we need daytime animes to be succesful.

    Thanks to aniplex as well for being willing to make shows like Space Bros and Shin Sekai Yori or a Saint Young Men movie instead of being satisfied with just making cash off things like Fate/Zero,Madoka,Bakemonogatri…

  31. Also good news that Kingdom was (surprisingly) renewed as well. Too much to hope it'd get an actual budget this time I guess, but it's a compelling show.

  32. t

    Ever since Phi Brain got renewed for a 3rd season I have stopped being surprised at NHK renewing shows.

    Seems like they'll renew pretty much anything if the material is there.

    I admit I havn't checked it out yet,but plan on marathoning it this spring.Need to catch up on Ginga e kickoff first (fell behind a bit)

  33. B

    I couldn't even believe that Phi Brain shit got a second season, the fact that it got a 3rd absolutely boggles the mind.

  34. D

    Thanks for the great news Enzo, no more worries on Uchuu Kyodai ending when it should not.

  35. A

    I'm so happy this anime and manga are getting the love they deserve!!! Mutta and Hibito! FIGHT!! YAY

  36. H

    I am so pleased!
    One of the best shows (perhaps THE best show, in some ways) of last year, so smart and uplifting. I know it can be slow paced at times, but frankly I have been equally hooked since episode 1.
    I was talking about a potential renewal yesterday with a friend, I guess we can celebrate!

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