2013 Winter Preview Poll/2012 Favorite Series Poll

A new year means in with the new poll, out with the old…

The Lost in America 2012 Favorite Series Poll is now live in the sidebar.  Please choose up to 5 series.  Yes, I know it’s not a complete list – I didn’t want to have a 200 series poll taking up the entire page.  There’s an “Other Series” option for those of you that would like to choose one of the shows not listed.

As for the Winter Preview poll, I don’t see any huge surprises here.  Doki Doki Precure was the beneficiary of an organized vote campaign and so went from near the bottom to second-place overnight (this was done under the mistaken impression that I make blogging decisions based on polling; I admire the passion of the show’s fans, but it doesn’t work that way), so take its results with a grain of salt.

Chihayafuru coming out on top didn’t shock me, given my advocacy for the series.  I’m a bit surprised Minami-ke didn’t fare better, but I suppose the general disdain for the second and third seasons has taken its toll.



  1. B

    Voted Hyouka, Chihayafuru, Natsume, Jinrui, Nisemonogatari. I think I might be a fujoshi trapped in a 29 year old dude's body.

    Surprised how little love I see for Nisemonogatari around here. It wasn't quite as good as the first season due to a disturbing trend towards less Senjougahara but it was still easily top 10 material for me.

  2. Well, to be fair, I've been very open about the fact that my dislike for Nisio as a writer borders on the pathological. I'm sure that has something to do with it.

  3. B

    Okay, and that's fair, but I don't see anything about it from your other commentators either and I would hope that at least some of them have minds of their own and don't just parrot your own opinion back to you. I missed your posts on the subject so I have no idea what you have against these shows but plenty of other people like them, so I just find it odd that NOBODY else on this site even mentions this show.

  4. j

    I'm afraid my enjoyment of Nisio borders on the pathological. I just bought the Bakemonogatari blu-ray box *and* an Oppo BDP-103 to play it. Plus, I'm chuffed to see that Nekomonogatari is here.

  5. A

    @Beckett: Nisio for me is a bit of a special case. To my surprise I liked Bakemonogatari a lot – save for Nadeko's arc. Can't stand her character and the fanservice was frankly gross – , while I was annoyed and even a bit repulsed by Nisemonogatari for the most part (it felt like watching the worst bits of Bakemonogatari, but magnified. And even the supposedly witty dialogue was lacking imho. Too much Nisio's fapping is hard to swallow :p). Watching Nekomonogatari will probably make or break the metaseries for me.

    On the 2013 winter poll: Chihayafuru s2, Maouu Yuusha and Minami-ke.


  6. j

    Don't give up before you see Kizumonogatari.

  7. E

    You mean that loli bathing and toothbrush anime?

  8. j

    Nope, the one with vampire fighting.

  9. B

    There is something satisfyingly meta about a person who watches anime, an entertainment medium that would be described by most Americans as "those Japanese porn cartoons", describing a show with so much more going on as "that loli bathing and toothbrush anime".

  10. J

    I love choosing my favorite shows much more than choosing what I think were the best shows. Objectivity be damned, sometimes I just gotta have some delicious junk food to help me appreciate a 5-star course.

    Acchi Kocchi, Tsuritama (note: NOT JUNK FOOD), Kuroko no Basuke, Black Rock Shooter, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. Chuunibyou would be a close sixth.

  11. Doesn't look like you voted for Danshi Koukousei though – no votes! 🙁

  12. J

    I thought I clicked the vote button but I failed. Rectified.

  13. e

    @guardian enzo i think i know why there is so many votes for doki doki precure.the reason is becouse unlike the previous seasons the main precures are more mature and looks like a 15 year old and also their outfits are more detailed and most of all is that the villains looks like vampires. so that the big reason thhre is so many votes becouse this season is completly diffrent.

  14. B

    Villains look like vampires? Ahhhh, everything is explained. They are capturing the crucial Twilight demographic.

  15. A

    I don't believe there has been any leaks or reveals of the villains yet. The confirmed rumors just state that they're demons, which are not essentially vampires.

    And honestly, different? You do realize that this is the 10th anniversary season right? They're making a hell lot of callbacks.

  16. e

    there is not lot of diffrent vempirs are demons and by diffrent i mean it going to be more mature and not childish like the last seasons hell even the girls are mature and the first diffrence is that the first girl who will become cure is president concuil president and this never happend in pretty cure

  17. A

    Nah, it was really an organized vote. Someon from another blog/site gathered precure fans to vote for it

  18. A

    Why do that? Seems like a grand waste of time.

  19. A

    I know right!? There's no point

  20. s

    Where is Joshiraku?

  21. S

    I voted for Fate/Zero, Tsuritama, Eureka Seven AO, Jormungand and other – Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (which wasn't on the list). Looks like Tsuritama is very popular among LiA readers 😀

  22. B

    Voted for tornari, kamisama, sword art online, ano natsu and another. i found the first ep of hyouka painfully boring but i might give it another go after your review and all the votes.

  23. G

    Voted for E7:Ao, Natsuyuki, Hyouka, Tonari, and Mirai Nikki. My number 6 is Sakamichi. It is indeed a great year for anime. The upcoming season looks a bit bland to be honest, but that gives me time to catch up, not complaining.

  24. H

    My votes were for Nazo no Kanojo X and Hyouka. I just thought those two were head and shoulders above the rest upon reflection. I'll be honest: I watched Tsuritama after it was completed, and I'm only about halfway through Chihayafuru (they've just won the Tokyo Regional). And perhaps it's a consequence of watching it all at once, or not participating in discussion as it goes along, but I don't know if I'd rate either one as highly as other people would. Or it could just be personal preference.

  25. K

    1) Tsuritama
    2) Kyoukaisen II
    3) Nisemonogatari
    4) Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
    5) Kingdom (hey, why this isn't included? D:)

  26. Not included because it's ongoing…

  27. P

    Can't really decide on a favourite but I did enjoy fate/zero, tari tari and hyouka dor different reasons. F/z for being the only "epic" (in the literal sense) that met anywhere near its potential though it didn't quite get there in a year of botched and dissappointing epics like guilty crown and sword art online. Tari tari for showing us despite a very standard premise of an overburdened genre how to execute it to its best with minimal pandering and excessive slapstick comedy and melodrama. Hyouka for giving us another taste of the kyoani brilliance that was existent in fmp and haruhi s1 which all but seemed to have dissappeared during the key/luck star/kon era.

    After that would be jinrui, though I do think its a bit of a poor man's mawaru penguindrum. Which still means its excellent. Daily lives, sakamichi and another are all there too somewhere with each of then trainwrecking or being draggy at some point.

    Unfortunately though I love josei (usagi drop was tied as my fav series of '11) chihayafuru did nothing for me as did natsuyuki rendezvous. Still very much miss the days of honey and clover, nodame cantabile, nana etc.

    All in year a pretty decent year but worse than 2011, largely cause 11 had three epics in madoka, steins gate and penguindrum. And maybe ano hana if you wanna count that but to me that's just a kdrama/jdrama (the overdramatic types) in anime form. 2012 had just one which was actually good.

  28. L

    Jinrui and Lupin III. The others haven't finished yet.

    If F/Z's entire run had been as good as episode 16, I would have scored this higher. A lot of potential was wasted with this series.
    -Pointless Rin episode.
    -Terrible Kiritsugu (sorry "Kerry") backstory that didn't really tell the audience anything they couldn't have guessed for themselves.
    -The Waver/Rider duo turned out to be very disappointing in the end. There was potential in a Kayneth/Waver conflict which was dropped entirely after episode 05.

    "And maybe ano hana if you wanna count that but to me that's just a kdrama/jdrama (the overdramatic types) in anime form."
    Well said!

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