Tokyo Diary: 12/6/12 – Koishikawa Kourakuen

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It’s finally autumn for real in Tokyo, at least as far as the momiji are concerned.

I stopped by the Koshikawa Korakouen yesterday before school.  It’s about a 15-minute walk from my apartment, and quite a lovely place, though there’s something a bit surreal about walking a 17th-Century stroll garden with the Tokyo Dome and accompanying theme park attractions in the background.

Here are some shots of the koyo – hopefully I’ll be getting some more this weekend, as we’re finally getting close to peak.

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  1. A

    These are beautiful photos, Enzo. Walking into a world like this — even for just 15 minutes a day — totally soothes the soul, calm the mind, ease the pain and stress from whatever troubles a person is going through at the moment. It's so funny that we had the red and yellow surroundings a couple of months ago in my place of the world…now it's all snow. Happy to see these beautiful photos. Thanks!


  2. A

    By the way, Enzo, how's everything going at your end? School, work, and your new apartment? Are you joining any new clubs meeting new people? Do you cook in your apartment, or do you miss American food? Just curious and hope that you're happy there and enjoying every moment.


  3. I had pizza on Wednesday. I do sample American food when I get a craving – Tokyo certainly has plenty of it – but generally speaking Japanese feed is so varied and I like it so much that I haven't really grown weary at all.

    My social circle at this point is mostly my fellow language students, but that's fine – they're an interesting group, mostly European.

  4. K

    Absolutely beautiful. I would have expected autumn scenery to be finished by this point. How likely do you think the fall colors will still be around Dec 20th.

    I also wonder about Kyoto which I will be visiting a few days earlier. I remember when I saw the cherry blossoms in Tokyo they had not started in Kyoto yet but I am not sure about the time frame for fall colors.

  5. Global warming has had its effect on koyo (and Sakura) dates. I think you might still find a bit of color on the 20th, but Kyoto would be a long shot to still have much I'm afraid.

  6. l

    Beautiful scenery.

  7. S

    Whoa, I'd love to go there just to take some pictures. *_*

  8. e

    Momiji goodness! Waterscape shots with momiji reflections! HNNNG <3 . And that looks like a mandarin duck or a pretty close species.
    Also, delightful bridge. As usual, thanks for sharing.

  9. A

    Wow … very lovely pics Enzo! 🙂

    Kudos to you!

    – Flower

  10. l

    Very nice. Try Ueno Park. It's another place where it's known for autumn colour within Tokyo.

    If it was me, I would try to go visit Kyoto next week for the December Kyoto Hanatouro (

  11. l

    The English page of the December Kyoto Hanatouro:

  12. My school wouldn't approve of me leaving for finals week…

  13. K

    I will be going to that on it's last night (the 17th) very excited my trip will coincide with it. 🙂

  14. N

    This is one beautiful Autumn 😀

  15. T

    Absolutely gorgeous. Gotta admit, these pictures make me sorta jealous. Thanks for postin' them.

  16. f

    What the heck, it's all snow and freezing cold around where I live… The trees definitely don't have leaves on them.

  17. W

    Daniel. Sorry we haven't connected in a long while. I finally forced myself to step away from work this sunday morning and go thru all your Japan posts. I really enjoyed them. I can hear/feel the excitement, your appreciation and the marvel of your current situation coming thru the text. Makes me very happy to see you enjoying yourself so much, and really makes me remember my feelings when I was in Salamanca — every day was an adventure. I will talk with you soon. Next week will be brutally busy at work for me as I try to finish all my projects before heading out to Kauai for 8 days. I hope we connect soon. Greg

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