Sukitte Iia na yo – 11

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Ultimately, I think this is a series that wants to go in predictable directions.

There’s nothing wrong with formula that’s executed well, but I confess the last couple of episodes of Sukitte have frustrated me quite a bit.  There wasn’t a whole lot that happened this week that wasn’t by the books, and that reflects a larger tendency with this series.  In particular I find Megu’s character to be a tough one, because she’s following the patterns more closely than anyone. And as many of her classification do, comes too close at times to being a plot device.

As things start out, there are hopeful signs that we might actually be headed in surprising directions – Yamato has booked a hotel room and he and Mei are off to Land for a romantic getaway.  Might Sukitte actually be the rare teen romance that acknowledges that the main couple has had sex?  Given that the relatively unsentimental and realistic portrayal of sexual politics in high school has been on of the strengths of the show, it seemed like a real possibility there for a while but alas, in the end, the mangaka lost her nerve and we ended up with something far safer and more conventional.  But more on that in a minute.

Megu’s rise to prominence in the last few episodes has been expected, but I wasn’t really keen to see much of this ep once again revolve around her (looks like her crisis is going to dominate the finale, too).  It’s not so much Megu but the fact that we’ve seen her so many times before, and so little is different.  She’s gone the traditional shoujo other woman route right from the start to where she is now, first the psychotic/vindictive phase and then the self-loathing/destructive phase.  Her false friends have deserted her, she’s made the terrible mistake of reading the fan comments, and she’s revealed to have the mandatory ugly duckling past.  Now she’s spiraling into a chips-and-cookies morass of despair, and not answering her calls.  I don’t wish her any ill, but I just don’t care about her very much and and her likely tearful redemption next week seems like an anti-climactic way to end the series.

As to the fizzle of the big moment between Mei and Yamato, it comes courtesy of Nagi and her brocon fixation (with a little Meicon mixed in).  She’s conned her older big brother Daichi (Nakai Kazuya) into taking her to Land so she can break up the party, and she ends up in their hotel room, which gives the series a convenient escape hatch.  It’s not as if there needs to be sexual content for Sukitte to work, but it would have been a much more courageous choice than the very safe cute-and-cuddly direction things ended up taking.  Yamato’s miraculous transition into a “take it slow” guy seems complete and I suspect that’s the last we’ll be hearing about consummating things in the anime.  It’s all perfectly competently done, but for me the spark has gone out of the show somewhat in the last few episodes and at this point, only Kai’s story seems like it has the potential to turn the finale into something really interesting.

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  1. A

    Just a quick note: You've labelled this post under the 'Little Busters' tag.

  2. Thank you, fixed.

  3. B

    Yeah, I was not amused to see the little sister come swooping in for the cock block. Was hoping the show would be a little more like Amagami and a little less like Amagami SS, but alas. Doesn't make the show worse per se but it certainly can't be said to have lived up to it's potential. Like a vegetarian pizza, it's hard to escape the feeling that it just could have been so much more with a little extra effort.

  4. _

    Well this show never had a chance on Enzo due to that darn Yamato. The anime studio messing the adaptation up progressively as the story goes on by changing things around din't help, either. This show is another disappointment for me like Chuunibyou (dropped ep 8), LB (dropped ep 4), R;N (dropped ep 7), code breaker (dropped ep 9), Sakurasou (dropped ep 10), SAO (dropped ep 12). I drop this show at ep 11. No more of this.

  5. A

    Well hearing Robert Schuman's traumerei here was a treat, but unfortunately I might drop this as well.

  6. With only one ep left, that seems kind of tragic!

  7. H

    This is the kind of show I really enjoy, and don't mind at all the direction it's been taking. I thought the excitement and support that all the rest of the people around Mei and Yamato had for them spending the night together was fun to see, even Mei's mom, who has been a pretty relentless cheerleader for her daughter's moves into an actual social circle.

    Personally, I think it would have been a lot more cringeworthy if they'd had them have sex, be enjoying themselves waking up together, and *then* have the agency call to interrupt it with news about Megumi. That much more jarring kind of "Haha! you can't stay happy and together" crap is what I dislike about so many relationship shows. Yes, having Nagi come along to put the wet blanket on the fires of love was frustrating and trite, but it didn't stop their relationship from progressing, just the speed, and maybe not even much of that.

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