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    Oh I saw that earlier but didn't see that you were the author of it, very nice! i saw a bit of it at my anime club last year and then got the guy who had it to lend me his DVDs and finally got my own set not to long ago at a second hand store. Awesome opening song but the character designs are ugly as sin IMO, I'm scared to ever watch this show on a big nice HD tv.

  2. K

    Hmmm I have heard of Outlaw Star but it's a wonder I've never seen it. Probably, the same feeling I got when Hunter X Hunter's 1999 anime were largely ignored when I knew it was so awesome. Anyway, I'd give it a look. I have seen most of your recommended animes even Seirei no Moibito and I'm always pleasantly surprised especially with Chihayafuru (which is the series that converted me into being a fan of yours haha )

    Thanks for blogging Enzo! I've always loved to read your review right after I watch an anime episode. It makes me understand and make me fascinated about what kind of world an Anime brings. You also got me into Game of Thrones which I loved! Honestly, with your kind of blogging, I'd probably try anything you recommend :p

  3. That's a lot of pressure – but thanks very much!

  4. A

    This will be another classic that I will try…thanks for the recommendation.


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