Chihayafuru S2 Updates

Irino Miyu and Han Megumi in Chihayafuru?  That thud you just heard was me hitting the floor.

Just a couple of tidbits to report, but damn, they’re good ones.  Some S2 concept art is out, showing the two new Mizusawa Karuta Club members.  And the really exciting news was that Irino Miyu (who’s sadly absent from anime these last couple of seasons – college demands?) and Han Megumi will be playing them.  I shouldn’t have to explain why Miyu-Miyu being added is great news, but I’m excited about Megumi Han too – she’s doing a fantastic job as Gon and I’m excited to see her get more work.

Equally good news is the fact that I see Asaka Morio’s Kanji on the staff list on the website, though I haven’t seen his return as director officially announced yet. No reason why Madhouse should have changed directors, but Asaka-san seemed unsure himself a few months ago, so it’s good to see he’s back.



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    Why is there this code repository login thingy popping up?

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    @Anon: ah, I'm not the only one then. Someone is sabotaging Enzo's blog with potentially nasty popups.
    Talking of Enzo, someone hurry and bring him salts. And a cat plushie at least.
    On my part, I'm politely mindsquealing in the night. Stay classy, stay llama. Don't wake up the neighbours…

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    Glad I'm not the only one too. Pressing cancel is annoying with a slow computer though. Irino has been in Yugioh Zexal which is still ongoing. So he has been in a long role recently.

  4. Where is this code registry thing happening? With the links, or with the blog itself? Is it just this post?

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    It pops up for me too. It happens any time you try to navigate on the site for me. Starting from the blog itself to clicking on any link to any of the posts. Just started today.

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    It pops up with every page loaded within your domain.

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    It seems to be fixed!

  8. Please check again – should be fixed

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    so, any way…. Freaking awesome! I thought this was coming out this year, but maybe not eh? january 2013?

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    OMG OMG!That's awesome news!Can't believe that it's going to come in less that 2 months!I remember that in the final episode of S1,they said they would need 5 more new members for the club but still 2 is fine!I'm pumped!!!

  11. d

    Tops my must-watch list for 2013.

  12. r

    Yay! I can't wait for Season 2! <3… Will Miyano Mamoru still do the voice over for Taichi?… I hope he does <3

  13. No reason to think any of the cast will change.

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