Robotics;Notes – 03

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I’ve liked Robotics;Notes since the premiere, but I suspect this episode is going to win over a lot of viewers that might have been on the fence.

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_02.35_[2012.10.26_20.16.40]I have no doubt R;N is going to get a lot more serious and dark given who created it – the hints are certainly there already – but I, for one, hope it doesn’t go too far in that direction.  There’s a relaxed quality to the series that’s a lot harder to achieve than it might seem, and it makes even an episode such as this one where an awful lot happened feel measured and manageable.  Even more, there’s a real innocence to the show – the two leads feel convincingly like real teenagers and not mini-adults, and there’s a sweetness to the tone that makes it feel like an old-fashioned adventure yarn.

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_03.29_[2012.10.26_20.17.33]Clearly Robo One was never meant to be more than a preamble to the main story, but I confess I was surprised to see R;N power through it as quickly as it did.  There was an awful lot I liked to the way the contest played out and not much that I didn’t, and that starts with the fact that the innocent tone carried over to the tournament itself.  The ring announcer was a goofball, the first opponent a classic arrogant grown-up and the fights themselves were quite low-tech and straight out of a Saturday-morning cartoon.  Even when things got loud and boisterous they didn’t go over the top, because this isn’t that sort of a show. 

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_06.21_[2012.10.26_20.20.34]Another strong element of this turn of events was that it gave Kaito a chance to be seen in a better light.  His flatline demeanor proved to be most useful in the ring, where he didn’t let the taunts of his opponent get to him and kept a cool head despite Akiho and even Mitchie making a racket in the background.  It wasn’t too surprising that he proved adept at controlling Tanegashi Machine-san through his game controller, but he also immediately spotted the ruse when the truly fabulous Mister Pleiades proved to be none-other than classmate Hidaka Subaru, the stuck-up robot expert.  Kaito has a quiet determination to him that was hinted at in the first two episodes but which circumstances allowed to shine more brightly in this one.

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_06.55_[2012.10.26_20.21.09]In terms of the main storyline the hints were flying fast and furious, without a doubt.  It’s become obvious that Kaito-kun is suffering some variant of the “Elephant and Mouse Syndrome” which affects Akiho – he shows signs of it as soon as the gang arrives in Tokyo – and seems to need to suck on “space candy” to stay awake at one point.  When a true attack hits during the finals against Mr. Pleaides, it seems to be the opposite of the scenario with Akiho – time slows down for Kaito, with the side-effect of making Subaru’s moves easy to read.  The attack also carries with a flashback of Kaito and Akiho passed out on what looks like a ship, on which I can only assume an incident occurred with is the cause of their respective conditions.  There’s also the matter of what I at first though was an Aurora Borealis, though that made little sense given that this is set in the South of Japan – the way Kaito alludes to the effect in Tokyo gives the impression that it’s either a recent development, or something that not everyone can see.

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_07.13_[2012.10.26_20.21.27]There’s plenty of story unfolding here not even including the main pair (or should I say trio).  We have Misaki, working in Tokyo for a slimy suit who seems very interested in Kaito and the school club.  And Frau Kojiro (Nazuka Kaori) shows up in town, revealed to be a girl who’s also very interested in Kaito.  With the Robotics Club saved not by Tanegashi-san’s win (it lost on a technicality) but blackmailing Subaru-kun, the story now turns to the giant robot in the airplane hanger and that takes us to JAXA, where Akiho has decided to go for help.  And JAXA, no doubt, takes us closer to the core mythology and the crossover with Steins;Gate.  That should perk up the interest level, but for me, I’m already quite pleased with where the show is – these first three episodes have succeeded by being confident in the story they were telling, and not trying too hard.  It sounds easy but if it were easy, every show would do it.

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_08.59_[2012.10.26_20.23.13] [WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_09.07_[2012.10.26_20.23.21] [WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 03 [4D7ACD13].mkv_snapshot_09.28_[2012.10.26_20.23.42]
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  1. I

    How did you predict that it would win over viewers, eh?

    Well it did for this one. I thought R;N was a bit of a sleeper but this one kept my attention the whole time. I am really starting to dig the characters and while I expected failure in the competition I didn't expect Subaru (are they like paying everyone to have characters named after them) to be the one to save them.

    Now that our fabulous five have all been introduced lets go meet Hibino in his younger years.

  2. t

    After this episode I think that Kaito appears lazy and uses Kill-Ballad to get out of doing anything because he's more physically frail than he lets on. It's a really teenage-guy strategy to hide his weaknesses like that, but I like it!

  3. E

    Well. That first paragraph prediction is super true. In first episode, I hated Aki-chan for being too loud and unable to stay still, and Kaito for being game maniac and being so mean to her. But this episode washed away those thoughts. They were such a cute couple in this robotic tournament. And strangely enough, I don't mind Aki screaming their robot's skill name. It's refreshing. It gives off such nice feeling.

  4. C

    "I’ve liked Robotics;Notes since the premiere, but I suspect this episode is going to win over a lot of viewers that might have been on the fence."

    Sure~!! By this getting to be even more silly cheesy shounen, yes, I can see more and more viewers getting won over. After all, shounen is popular among general anime watchers, similar to why Justin Bieber is popular among general populace. So who am I to say shouneny shounen and Bieber are garbage and calling general populace garbage feeder/eater? -maybe I just did :). It's a mystery why I am still watching this since there are so many things irritating me (above all, that annoying loud girl). I suppose this is one of those rare incidents where "biased" mask Enzo put on occasionally come out. It happens to EVERYONE; yes, even me, I freely admit it so I am not being a hypocrite, you see. It happens all the time when logic defies reason and people will like certain shows against their general trend. It's like secretly enjoy listening to "dancing queen" or watching "sex and the city". Every fiber of a body screams out why one likes such thing when he/she shouldn't, but… it's a mystery. He/she will like it and so be it, damn it!!!

    "Well. That first paragraph prediction is super true. In first episode, I hated Aki-chan for being too loud and unable to stay still…"

    Sigh. How the heck an annoying character shouting silly skill names, which are done like, literally, in every shouneny shounen shows, can possibly be refreshing is beyond me, my pal. It's okay to be a fan boy/girl, so I will suspend the logic for this statement.

  5. C

    To clarify, I suppose I don't have much issue with Enzo or people liking a show, be it a Pokemon, I can just tune it out, maybe I didn't express this point as well I should've by overcompensating my displeasure thru poo-pooing and inserting my personal opinion on this show.

    After all, it's arrogant to be high and mighty just 'cos I find such show, well, less than pleasing. But my issue was that it seemed like Enzo do pull some punches on certain shows he really likes.

    I guess it can't be helped and I understand anime blogging or any blooing is deeply personal and subjective. But all I ask is to be slightly more objective once in a while. There are tons, I mean TONS here can be critical when one tries to be fair and balance, which Enzo does on every other shows, except maybe uchuu kyoudai (but uchuu kyoudai is fairly unique, similar to Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita, which also escaped any criticism from Enzo, as it was VERY unique). NOBODY will call this show unique, even a headcase fan boy should admit that. Anyway, is not pulling any punch, regardless your fondness of the show, too much to ask? One reason I frequently read Enzo's blog is that he is not afraid of criticizing, general populace's opinion be damned, but yes, I am a bit disappointed on this kid-glove treatment on this show.

  6. A


    stop liking stuff I don't like

    seriously, guys

    stop it

  7. Crisspy, you're certainly free to like what you like and don't like what you don't, and free to dump on me as much as you want. But with all due respect, your comment reads to me as "If your opinion is more positive than mine, that means you're biased". Why does liking a show mean "pulling punches"? Maybe I actually disagree with the criticisms you're making – it is possible, you know.

  8. E

    Crispy. Isn't it good/refreshing seeing a younger kid has so much passion and happiness going for the thing she loves? It can't be helped if you prefer seeing teenagers act like Yagami Raito or L.

  9. A

    Hi, different Anon here. Only 2 things did bug me this episode:

    1.) Kai developing a heart condition at the beginning of the episode was a like sending a flare that this same exact condition will make him lose the tournament

    2.) Blatantly cryptic messages hinting at bigger things to come feels like such a story telling cop-out. I mean Aki's sister just throws out some random line, and it sounded totally like "the princess is in a different castle…there are 5 bosses much stronger than me" sort of line delivery had me thinking why that line was kept in the final draft =/

  10. B

    Is anyone actually surprised that Frau Kojiro is a girl? She has Frau right in her name. I mean they pretty much telegraphed this one hardcore.

    I wouldn't say this episode won me over, because I already kind of liked the show, but this episode was certainly the strongest of the season so far IMO. It did everything a good episode needs to: some comedy moments, hints about the future of the show, ratcheting up the mystery, more information about the characters revealed. Packed with enough stuff to make the 20 minutes fly by. I hope this show doesn't go into too much of a tie in with Steins Gate, I haven't seen that show and I'd hate to be turned off by this one because I don't understand what's going on.

  11. I'm not surprised – Kaito definitely will be. Perhaps "Frau" isn't a word whose meaning he knows.

  12. l

    I've been a supporter of the show since episode 1. What episode 3 did was move R;N up in the favorites list. I haven't finished this week's viewing but I wouldn't be surprised at the end if this week's episode is the top of the week for me. Not only did it do everything right but it surpassed right and moved on into excelled.

    I thought Frau Kojiro would turn out to be Aki's sister. I wasn't expecting her to be the blonde from the OP. That fact alone paints her in a more interesting color. I'm even more curious about her now.

  13. B

    This was a really fantastic episode, like you Enzo I was already sold by the first episode and also the fact that it's noitamina. I really love the characters on this show and they do feel really……real. Aki is my favourite but really you just wanna be in the club because it just feels so exciting.

  14. l

    I was curious due to the opening of the very 1st episode and am giving it a few episodes to make me decide to follow it. So far, it's doing a good job. This may be one of the few shows that I'm following this season.

  15. G

    I love how the character development is so down to earth. It's interesting that Kai also suffers from the same syndrome, but in the opposite direction. There are a lot of questions to be asked that's for sure, but like you Enzo, I'm content with where the show is. On another note, Subaru's Pleiade persona really reminded me of Star Driver with its flashy antics, I was quite amused.

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