Comparing Tastes: LiA vs. RC

Just for fun, here are the top 10 (so far) in the Fall Season polls here and at Random Curiosity:

Lost in America Random Curiosity
1. PSYCHO-PASS – 11.72% PSYCHO-PASS – 9.09%
2. Robotics;Notes – 9.13% Robotics:Notes – 8.36%
3. Little Busters! – 7.85% Little Busters! – 8.11%
4. Jormungand: Perfect Order – 7.43% K – 7.11%
5. K – 7.28% Jormungand: Perfect Order – 5.73%
6. Magi – 7.18% Code: Breaker – 4.95%
7. Shin Sekai Yori – 5.01% Shin Sekai Yori – 4.57%
8. Tonari no Kaibustu-kun – 4.9% Magi – 4.44%
9. Chuunibyou – 4.65% Chuunibyou – 4.19%
10. Zetsuen no Tempest – 4.65% Btooom! – 3.95%

A few observations:

  • The top five are identical, with only the #4-5 flipped with Jormungand and K
  • The drop-off after the top 5 is significantly higher at RC, probably because the poll & preview includes almost every series, where the one at LiA reflect only the ones I consider strong possibilities for coverage
  • Code: Breaker and Btooom! are the only RC shows that doesn’t appear in the LiA top ten (#13 and 14); Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Zetsuen no Tempest are the only LiA shows not in the RC top ten (#12 and 16)
  • 6 of the 10 shows have the same rank in both lists

I’m not sure what all that tells us, but it’s interesting to look at.  Magi is certainly considerably more popular at LiA; Bakuman is as well (though that’s largely because I blog it at LiA).  I don’t see any obvious stylistic trends here – Zetsuen is mainstream shounen, but Tonari is shoujo – Code: Breaker is shounen, but Btooom! is more of a niche series, and seinen.  If anything I think the two lists are more similar than I expected them to be.



  1. i

    probably because majority of the readers here also read RC…

  2. R

    I read both, but LiA more often.

  3. K

    GE this has some extra footage of Shinsekai, pretty funny watch too, kinda like behind of the scene thing! Should check it out when you're not busy.

  4. Yeah, I saw that – thanks. Who was that crazy woman with the frizzy hair?

  5. K

    Enoue Keiko/江上 敬子(えのうえ けいこ)

    Also, best of luck in Japan. This is pretty surprising so I have no idea what to say to you!

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