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    Should be interesting although Menma was one of my least favorite characters in the show. Still, I can't complain as long as I get more Anaru.

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    and I just finished re-watching AnoHana last night :3 I'm definitely excited to see the series being told in Menma's POV.

  3. J

    Interesting news. I certainly didn't love AnoHana as much as some others, I felt its excessive drama dragged the whole thing down. Nonetheless, a movie announcement is still worth a watch.

  4. m

    more anaru is always good.

  5. P

    Why Menma's point of view? She was clearly the least likable character in the series 🙁

  6. I don't think that's official yet, but I'm OK with it if that is the premise (though it's not my first choice).

  7. A

    Japan seems to love her for some unknown reason.

  8. TBH, I've never been quite sure just why all the hostility towards Menma exists. Yes, she's not allowed to have the same arc the others do – because she's a ghost, in a sort of suspended childhood. But for what she was, I think she was a very good character.

    It's nothing new for the Japanese and Western fan bases to have differing views on characters, of course. The most famous example is Rei vs. Asuka, where the split is pretty dramatic. I've always been on Team Japan in that case (Rei).

  9. A

    Really? Menma the least likable? What's wrong with Menma? If you haven't noticed yet, the whole anime is mainly about her. So I don't know HOW you don't like her? I'd like to know who your favourite character in Anohana is then. Don't tell me it's Poppo! XD

  10. D

    Hey, I loved Poppo, back up.

    For me, AnoHana was very good in the beginning when Menma was merely a reason for the characters to take action. Being such a static and unchanging character for the whole series, she works better as a background force that motivates the central cast to act. But after her existence was revealed to the others and she took center stage, the story quality kinda dropped, since after we started putting all the focus on Menma, character development moved backwards as the characters regressed back to their most negative traits and we got to see even less of them the more we focused on Menma. Menma is very unchanging in the story, so while we focused on her being pure and flawless and not really in need of any real catharsis, and other characters like Poppo and especially Tsuruko got shafted out of getting deeper development later on in the series since there was barely any focus on them in the beginning.

    Also Menma is the most marketable character in the series, and it popular because of being so pure and I guess moe? So it makes sense that they'd try making it in her POV. Not my first choice either but hey.

  11. j

    All I'm gonna say is. Menma was not the least likable character. For she was my favorite, and most people I meet who watched the anime loved her, even if she never changed. But there's a reason she didn't change, explained in an earlier reply (About her being stuck in her child hood personality as ghost with a grown body like the rest of her friends pretty much).

  12. a

    Good news indeed! I hope this movie answers the question why Menma could touch people but can't reveal herself through that method. It's something I've always been curious about.

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    Why do people think Menma is the least likeable character?

  14. N

    I'm so confused as to why people think Menma is the least likeable character. I loved Menma and Jintan! Anaru was my least favorite as well as many people I asked. This site makes me sad 🙁 Anaru is selfish I think. I love Menma! xD

  15. Z

    Sappy series.

  16. s

    anohana is such an beautiful anime,but mostly i felt bad that menma died
    what a beautiful friendship. T^T

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