Shirokuma Café – 17

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Thursdays this season just aren’t good days for florists and normal relationships.

While it didn’t pack the hilarity of last week’s two skits, the camping chapter was interesting to me for a couple of reasons.  One, it pointed out the very real dichotomy of mind that exists for me when I contemplate it.  Yes, it’s sleeping out in the open on cold, hard ground when you could be sleeping in a nice warm bed.  And yes, it’s also getting out into the wonders of nature and relaxing in the natural beauty of the universe.  I’m not always happy when I’m camping (although I usually am) but I’m always glad I’ve done it, and I usually end up wishing I was back in that tent for the fist few days I’m back in civilization.

Even better – normally – is when you’re out camping with friends.  But when those friends are Shirokuma and Panda-kun…  I was struck by how natural the alliances that formed were – on the one side you had Polar Bear and Panda, the troll and the lazy bastard, determined to do as little work as possible and creating extra work in the process.  And then you had Grizzly-san and Penguin-san, who after a rough start (Grizzly calling Penguin a chicken) discovered they were natural allies against the two baka rangers. They ended up creating quite a feast (that naan bread looked fantastic) and the ending was quite realistic – I can rarely recall a night of camping when some idiots in the campground didn’t get drunk and make a nuisance of themselves.

As for out second chapter, it brought us the return of Rin-Rin the florist – who’s seriously one of the most messed-up characters in anime this year.  I think the most disturbing part may be that he’s not a panda-phile for any old panda – no, it’s specifically Panda-kun who warms his form.  There wasn’t even time to worry about his age-inappropriate date with Twintails the plain high-school girl, as he made it clear from the beginning that it was only her panda strap that turned him on.  This is the second week in a row we’ve had a hilariously neurotic human guest character, and I couldn’t help but feel for Pigtails as she slowly saw her illusions about Rin-Rin shattered under a barrage of deviant behavior.  I can hardly blame Panda-kun for being creeped out by that dude.

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  1. S

    The last episode was definitely my favorite episode in the whole series, but this episode had some nice moments with Penguin and Grizzly finally getting to know each other. Definitely hope to see more episodes focusing on those two again.

    I find it kind of weird though that Grizzly didn't recognize what a Panda or Penguin is when he first met them.

    Next week will be a new ending song most likely.

  2. No pandas or penguins in the American Northwest…

  3. S

    I'm not sure if polar bears or penguins share the same habitat, but Grizzly did have Shirokuma as a childhood friend. If they do share the same habitat, Grizzly should have seen at least one penguin where Shirokuma lived. Though I am curious if the series will ever show how Shirokuma and Penguin met and became friends.

    As for Panda, I guess it makes sense that'd be the first time he'd ever seen a panda before, though I thought as a biker he might have traveled around the wild and seen one. That's probably unlikely though.

  4. I've seen no indication that Polar Bear ever lived at the North Pole…

  5. m

    Polar bears and penguins DEFINITELY DON'T share the same habitat. Polar bears natural habitat is the northern hemisphere while penguins live in the southern hemisphere. Don't believe what Coca-cola tells you, ads are deceiving!

    On the other hand I am having great trouble deciding whether Grizzly perceives penguin boiling away in the tin pot as a kindred spirit, a father or his next meal.

  6. Quite correct – all the more reason to suspect that Shirokuma never lives at the North Pole…

  7. e

    Shirokuma's costumes are hitting all my kinks. I'm starting to worry. If he shows up in Robin Hood garb next time I'll need salts. <—- can't leave RinRin as the only human with single-furry-target sexuality now, can I?

    'no, it’s specifically Panda-kun who warms his form' such elegant phrasing for such disturbing content. I bow to your skills.

    On to relatively normal relationships, the Grizzly&Penguin combo is indeed a great addi(c)tion. And they can cook! Oh perfect male specimens!

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