Poll: What Summer 2012 Series are You Most Looking Forward to?

What Summer Series Are You Most Looking Forward To?

No surprises here, as SAO dominated utterly. I can’t help but think I’m drawing a lot of like-minded readers, given how close the results hew to my own tastes (Natsuyuki and Jinrui certainly placed higher here than anywhere I’ve seen) – but I guess that makes sense. Or am I just that persuasive?



  1. A

    Honestly, none of those.

  2. x

    MLA:TE would have got a good amount of votes. The premiere was well received by both vets and newbies to the franchise.

    Enzo, Did you watch EP1? What's your early opinion on it?

  3. x

    > I can't help but think I'm drawing a lot of like-minded readers (…) given how close the results hew to my own tastes

    Given that you only blog shows that you like, it's natural that you'll attract readers that like the anime that you blog about. (Which is a good thing IMO)

  4. Yeah, I should have included MLA even though I'm not a fan – it would indeed have garnered quite a few. I think it was about 5th in the RC poll.

    I'll get to the first ep, probably next week. The reviews I've seen have been more what I'd call mixed, but that's really neither here nor there.

  5. x

    Try it up to the now aired EP2 before dropping.
    I won't ask you to cover it in LiA but you should give a chance as a fellow "good anime" lover.

  6. e

    925 silver tongue with rhodium plating – it does not tarnish! – , sterling synapse(s) :p.

    Ironically enough, SAO is the big title of the season but among the favs here is the one I couldn't muster a shred of interest about. Going by your blog post it's a good series in its genre… just not my cup of tea.
    About the other poll titles, I'm watching only four of them.
    Natsuyuki was better than expected and is in my top spot of the season, Moyashimon series #2 is on level with my expectation and past appreciation (I'm weak to speaking bacteria as much as I was to talking blood cells XD<— educational animated series from the '80s about the human body, French production if I remember correctly. EDIT: yep https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time…_Life ), Utakoi intrigued me the most concept-wise and it's turning out to be a pleasant watch if not a super memorable one maybe. And you totally sold me on Jinrui since your summer preview post.

  7. L

    Quote: "No surprises here, as SAO dominated utterly. I can't help but think I'm drawing a lot of like-minded readers"

    LOL. I had no clue what SAO was, and tbh, I'm not really interested in finding out either.

  8. A

    WTF is Sword Art Online?

  9. A

    Enzo, I will be a very happy reader if you cover Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu, Tari Tari, and Kingdom…I hope you will continue covering Uchuu Kyoudai and Hyouka. Thank-you.


  10. Those are all locks, with the possible exception of Utakoi – that one is likely but not definite. Kingdom is probably a digest, if the schedule falls that way (not an easy show to write long posts about).

  11. S

    Well Enzo, it also means your readers have good taste 😉

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