Korra Schedule Revealed

It’s official: Avatar: The Legend of Korra is confirmed for 26 additional episodes, above and beyond the 14 already confirmed for 2013. The assumption for now is that it will consist of four “Books”, running through 2015.

This is certainly good news, though I do hope with all this added time to work with, Bryke correct some of the glaring pacing issues that plagued Book 1 – and severely impacted character development in the process.



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    Great news considering the biggest flaw of the series was how rushed it was! I wonder what they'll explore in three more "books" now that Korra is a fully realised Avatar with an overt love interest…

  2. S

    Definitely awesome news. Korra deserved at least a 52 episode run. Though I would have preferred the second season of 14 episodes airing this fall. But while I'm waiting for more Korra, I'll just be watching Motorcity, which is pretty much the best original animated series I've seen since Sym-Bionic Titan.

    I look forward to new characters introduced in next year's Korra.

  3. A

    "Glaring pacing issues" and "severely impacted character development".
    Sounds like Aquarion EVOL.

  4. But no cross-dressing.

  5. L

    I'm extremely annoyed how they just dropped the whole nonbenders and benders issue and I really hope they fix that in the later season. Plus I still don't like the way she easily got all her powers back but who knows maybe they can get a great story out of this…I hope.

  6. N

    Nobody ever said that peace and harmony returned to RC, just that Amon was gone and, naturally, Equalists fell apart so the Government regained its authority. However, there is no guarantee hat Equalist ideals won't be inherited and that another rebellion wouldn't start brewing. Actually, the situation may likely have become worse than before.

    Even in ATLA, defeating Ozai didn't bring peace to the world… a year later, Zuko and the Earth King were prepared to go at war with one another due to the fact that there were still problems around (which is what led to creation of the Republic City).

  7. It's funny how people in anime fandom constantly decry "fillers" at every turn, when a show like Korra proves that so-called fillers are desperately needed if you want any real character development. Hopefully we'll get some now.

  8. L

    Sure, you get development in /well written/ fillers, but whenever they end up going against established facts or act out of character, the fandom will start bashing them. The fillers in many anime series are poorly handled (beach/onsen/school trips/fanservice/generic), but the fillers in the original Avatar had some of the most well-executed and relevant fillers I've ever seen. They're not just fillers; they're extensions of the main plot and show us what happens between major events.

  9. A

    lets hope for something great. ..because the first season was dissapointing.

  10. I don't think they're more likely to act out of character in filler than non-filler. They act in-character in well-written series and OOC in poorly-written ones.

    The issue for me is that filler, like "slice-of-life", is an overused terms. People call the first half of Tsuritama, or the middle eps of Seirei no Moribito, or eps 3-10 of AO filler – but they're not. They're world-building and character-developing episodes, and in my view absolutely essential. But filler is often applied to any episode that doesn't materially advance the main plot, which is a definition I certainly don't agree with.

  11. A

    As excited as I am for more Korra (and Iroh,Bumi,Zuko and Zuko's daughter etc.)The biggest problem is still going to be the same as Book 1, they only got more episodes AFTER the plot is set. At this point I'm pretty sure it's too late to construct a cohesive storyline that really connects book 2 with the future books 3&4 (the voice acting,what must be a billion drawings and half he animation is already done). As a result I'm expecting book 2 to be awkwardly self contained for a second season out of 4. I also expect some makorra relationship angst. Honestly though, I have no idea how their going to do character development on characters we already got to 'know' the quick and dirty way in S1. I'm also highly curious on who the villain will be next season…and probs a another new villan for season 3&4. Can't help but repetitively face-palm at how awesome things could have been if Bryke had been given all 4 seasons much earlier.

  12. c

    This is indeed good news! thank you for the information. Book 1 felt a little rushed for me, but enjoyed it nonetheless. I look forward to seeing more of Generals Iroh & Bumi in the next season.
    Keep up the good work, G.Enzo! I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  13. You're welcome, charred – please keep commenting!

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