1. K

    <3 Shizuku and Blinky! 😛

    Can't wait to see the Troupe in action.. that and Kurapika's Nen.. Man this upcoming arc is going to be awesome.. I really hope Madhouse does it justice… besides the Chimera Ant Arc, I don't think theres anything as epic as some of the upcoming battles.. simply cant wait 😀

    wOW.. L's seiyuu as Feitan.. I can imagine now.. seems so fitting.. I wonder what voice he's going to use :O

    Overall, the designs look good, can't wait until we reach the point of their ntroductions 😀

  2. A

    Just remember that L's seiyuu also voiced Ussop of One Piece. ^^

  3. A

    … which simply proves that Yamaguchi Kappei's an amazingly versatile seiyuu! 😀

  4. l

    It looks seriously epic. The VA's too ;D

  5. A

    Still not watching until they catch up with the OVAs!

  6. A

    You're really missing out I'm sure you've heard things about Gon vs Hisoka in this version as compared to the 1999 one. Even if you've hated all of the previous episodes previously you have to check out episodes 35/36 which are just amazing and a sight to behold

  7. A

    gon vs hisoka in ep 35 is FANTASTIC, but 99 is still better. ep 36 doesn't compare to 99's version.

  8. A

    OP: It's actually more about the fact that I watched the entire first series for the first time while this show was finishing up the Hunter Exam arc, and I'd rather not retread old ground so soon at such a slow pace.

  9. I

    Aren't Tuesdays and Wednesdays boring with nothing to watch? Or blog?

  10. Well, I'd blog Kingdom and GeK if the subs made it out faster. Basically, it's rest days, and catching up on any OVAs or movies that I backlogged.

  11. I

    I did a bit of subbing work quite a while ago for SnS S Ova series since there was no sub coming out at first. I thought it be easy just translating it but because I have to keep pausing and writing and listening again and again it took my hours to do. I wouldn't mind joining a subbing group but only if I need to translate something simple like Working! or Binbougami

    Makes me appreciate people who get the sub out in less than an hour a lot especially for shows like Horizon with innumerable terms and ones with Engrish.

  12. A

    Woah! Hisoka's seiyuu also voices Waver?

  13. Z

    Looks like they made the girls look younger by removing a cup size from each.

  14. A

    o_o Machi already appeared it seems when she helped heal Hisoka's arm…but I thought Hisoka was only a fake member of the troupe….

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