Accel World – 13

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Let the fan rage begin!

Or so they tell me.  It seemed fine to me.

[CR] Accel World - 13 [1280x720].mkv_snapshot_00.26_[2012.07.06_23.39.46]I was ready for a bit of a change-of-pace after the recent run of solid but very intense episodes of AW.  And considering the way things have been going lately, any episode with Chiyuri is a change-of-pace.  They’ve been hinting at her joining the ranks of burst linkers for a while, but that finally came to fruition this week.  It’s not that I’m such a huge fan of the character – she’s nothing especially original with her tsundere hijinks – but she’s fairly easy to take, and more importantly seemed to be an important character who’d completely fallen out of the story.  And getting her into the Accelerated World seemed to be the only way to rectify that.

[CR] Accel World - 13 [1280x720].mkv_snapshot_03.40_[2012.07.06_22.54.34]I wonder if it’s just my misread of the situation, but it’s struck me from the very beginning that Chiyu is in love with Haru and not Taku, and I’ve seen nothing in 13 episodes to make me feel differently.  It could just be that we don’t see much one-on-one interaction with Taku, but she’s incredibly clingy with Haru.  She also seems to enjoy teasing him, and to trust him in a way she doesn’t trust Taku, with her innermost feelings.  My sense is that she’s “with” Taku because it just seemed like the expected thing to do, and because of Haru’s legendary lack of self-worth.  I even thought Taku was about to say something along the lines of “I know what’s really going on” to Haru, but that could be my misread as well.  In any case Haru clearly belongs to Kuroyukihime so any further pursuit of that angle can only lead to heartbreak.

[CR] Accel World - 13 [1280x720].mkv_snapshot_04.39_[2012.07.06_22.55.34]When Chiyu does get settled in as a Burst Linker, she takes her usual battering-ram approach, bulling ahead and thinking she knows best.  Her notion that this is a simple game and she’s going to teach the boys how to relax and enjoy it is obviously going to be shattered quickly, especially as her avatar, Lime Bell, appears to be a healer.  And that’s a pretty big deal, as there have only been two healers in the entire history of the Accelerated World according to Snow Black (though how she could know that with certainly I’m not sure), and one of them bailed after being the object of every legion’s lustful recruitment.  The other is a King – but their name must not be spoken (according to Snow Black, anyway).

[CR] Accel World - 13 [1280x720].mkv_snapshot_06.05_[2012.07.06_23.40.29]With Kuroyukihime off to Okinawa on the Third-year class trip, Taku and Haru are in charge of defending the Legion “to the death”.  The twist is the arrival on the scene of another burst linker, Noumi (Kobayashi Sanae).  I’m assuming he’s what all the supposed rage is about, though we don’t see much of him yet.  He’s a first-year in the kendo club – using Taku’s old tricks – and seems a bit sinister, but the hook with him is that he doesn’t show up as a Burst Linker even when he’s accelerating.  I don’t think I can explain that based on anything we’ve been told so far, so I assume we’re going to find out later how he does it – but it’s a safe bet he’s going to be the villain of the next arc and probably directly connected to Chiyuri in some way.

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  1. b

    Well, Chiyu did say back in episode 3 that she went out with Taku because Haru told her to and so that they can stay together as friends. But Haru said back then as well that they can't go back as both Taku and Chiyu are becoming more mature while he's…sweaty and fat and more bad adjectives.
    For now it's a bit of a shaky relationship but with Chiyu joining in the team, what changes it will bring is something to look out. For one thing, Taku is the 'parent/guardian' but Haru is the one teaching Chiyu the basics.

    And the episode ended right where I thought it would. Good because seeing Noumi pisses me off already. That smug look…
    I was hoping for the new OP/ED to see more of what we'll get in the future episodes but it's okay I guess. I still love this OP/ED.

  2. I

    This was a Chiyu episode which means I skipped most of it, watching only her new avatar and the smug freshmen. Haru was a bit funny with his delusions.

    I agree that Chiyu is an annoying, pointless, inconsistent and pathetic character. The weakest link in a group that only recently started becoming strong.

  3. B

    Err, what do you mean you "agree"? Unless I'm badly misreading his post Enzo never said any of that.

  4. d

    It is possible to use your powers without logging into the net. You need the net to Burst link. But Pyhsical Link… is a different story. Just that i doubt he is a Level 9.

  5. A

    I guess the other Healer among the 6 Kings is the purple Avatar seen in the backflash in episode 11. Since they said that she was the former Red Kings Girlfriend and Black Lotus killed him, there would be a good reason for Kuroyukihime not to wanna meet her if possible.

  6. A

    Well that could be but I doubt it. Remember that colors define the form of attack. Red is long range(Scarlet Rain), blue is close range(Cyan Pile) and Yellow is indirect(Yellow Radio). Purple is a mixture of red and blue, which means Purple Thorn is a multi-range avatar. I doubt she has healing powers.

  7. A

    I have do disagree with that. Remember the backflash to the fight between the seven kings and chrome disaster, where we see the green king for the first time. He uses a shield and he seems to be able to take quite the punch, so we can assume that he is a tank type.
    Chiyu on the other hand is a healer even though she is also green.

    While the colors of the avatars seems to have a certain influence on attribute, weakness or range, it doesn't mean that there won't still be a difference in Abilitties.

    Also we don't know if purple really is a multi-range type just beacause it's a mixture of red and blue. at least I don't remember that it was evr explained to work that way.

    We know already what powers the red and yellow king have. And we already know the forms of the other 4 Kings from episode 11. Both the green and the blue knight have the designs of knights, so I don't think that either of them has healing powers.
    Both the white and the purple king look out like they are the casting type of Avatar. Especially the purple king looks out like A priestess from a Dragon Quest game.
    While there is a Possibility that it could also be the white King, from what we know and have seen so far, my money is on the purple king.

  8. A

    Correction: Both the green and the blue King have the designs of knights.

    My bad

  9. S

    Color imply the combat type; name implies special abilities. The Green King is practically unkillable, but his offense appears to be badly limited.

    I don't know if its confirmed, but I thought the implication was that the Purple King was Kuroyukihime's "Parent" and that has a lot to do with the antagonism between them? (Knocking her boyfriend out of Accelerated World not helping the situation)

  10. F

    Ugh that fcking guy! Just seeing his face this episode made me rage. Just need to hold out until this arc is over.

  11. Fanrage is fun…

  12. S

    I really don't know the details, but fans of the series really hate this arc. Is there some NTR going on as well?

    Not that the arc antagonist doesn't have a face that goes "I'm EVIL!!!", but I wonder why so much of the rage.

    Though how he can do Burst Link moves without being on the local network is probably just he stays logged into his home network so he isn't display locally. I'd take a guess that also means he can't see all around him via the cameras, but (for what he's doing) he wouldn't need that information. It's a theory, at least.

  13. A

    I just hope we are not in for another Guilty Crown trip…

  14. S

    what this arc is all about. i've never seen it yet, but one of these days i'll go and watch it. if i want to get an Anime, i just visit this one:

  15. e

    from what i sew in few comments the fanrage in this arc will be becouse chiyu and the new evil guy

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