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For once, I’m glad I wasn’t invited.

Unfortunately, this is one of those eps where the extreme compression ratio of this adaptation becomes clear.  While I got the basic gist of what was happening, there were certain elements that never quite clicked, and left me a little unsure as to what was happening and why.  For example – why did Jin call Akemi when he did?  What did Kouga ask Jin to do when he called him before going to meet Jirou?  I may as well ask why Kouga was stupid enough to walk into Jirou’s trap, but that answer is obvious enough – I mean, if Jirou was indeed testing him merely showing up next him a failing grade.

In any case Jirou doesn’t have Konoha anyway – she’s safe with Akemi – and Jin has crossed the great divide to manhood with Hanako (poor Konoha).  If Kouga was naïve to think he could walk into Jirou’s arms and think any good would come from it, Jin was pretty naïve to think he could get away with saying “I’m happy” in a story like this and not have it bite him, hard.  Whatever else you might say about Mitsugai his advice to Jin about not letting anyone get close to him was sound, and Jin is surely going to pay the price for his dreams of a gingerbread cottage with a white picket fence.

It was already obvious that Jirou was a sick piece of work, but the entire party sequence was brilliantly off-putting.  The sense of wrongness was overpowering from the beginning, and even with the censoring the results were pretty horrendous.  Jirou may be working with Haitani but there’s no doubt about it, this is personal for him – he’s enjoying it way too much and going out of his way to be theatrically psychotic for Kouga’a benefit.  I guess a family like the Amagi will make plenty of enemies, and Kouga is obviously paying the price for the sins of the father (or the grandfather, as the case may be).  And Hayamai may not be in league with Jirou, but he’s damn sure not thinking of Kouga’s best interests.

There’s a growing sense of tragedy here, as if we’ve barely taken a sip of the milk of human suffering Zetman is going to serve up.  I’m assuming tragedy is going to hit hard and close to Jin, perhaps with Hanako.  But the one in the worst harm’s way seems to be Kouga, who’s being set up like a bowling pin.  His enemies are bad enough, but I’m not too sure about his friends either.  I don’t know if all this is going to drive him to the dark side or merely insane, but it isn’t going to be pretty – and the one who might be able to help him, Jin, is going to have plenty of his own problems to worry about with EVOL openly declaring war on humanity.  What of that meeting between Jin and the EVOL leader last week, I wonder?  Not a mention this time around.

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  1. j

    Something about the way that girl said "you made the wrong choice again" makes me think that none of that was real…I might be wrong though, I just don't know why she would say that before getting smashed by the ceiling

  2. Yes, that occurred to me too, but I thought maybe she was hypnotized or drugged.

  3. J

    could be, yeah. But we've already encountered "death" when it didn't actually happen. Auntie was "killed" once but turns out she was alive all along…

    Which reminds me, what was the whole point of the scene where she was shot in the head? If she wasn't actually killed, what was the whole point of that? Nobody was around to witness it, so it still confuses me as to whether or not she's dead. Is this just a flaw in the writing, or do you think this will be important later?

  4. Continuity error? That's my guess.

  5. M

    That was just another victim of the adaptation's cuts.

    In the manga, the image of Auntie getting shot was inserted into Jin's mind (through a machine) after they took him from the hospital. It didn't actually happen. It was all to get him in the appropriate emotional state.

  6. J

    oh i see, haha well I'm glad auntie is actually alive (for now)

    Anyways, now that it's been cleared up, I'm considering the idea that maybe none of that party stuff was actually real (or at the very least some of those girls were in on it).

    From the preview it looks like Jirou is trying to make Kouga into the "ultimate hero." Kouga already has a weakness where saving others makes him feel good about himself, now Jirou is using that weakness to get him addicted to the act of saving others. Why? I dunno yet…

  7. Manga spoilers. Edited comment:

    I have stayed away from this show since watching ep one, and realizing that they put like 5 episodes worth of material in 20 minutes (while skipping over material that could go over another 2 episodes…) making a lot of the scenes have WAY less impact than they should have had. I mean it was bad… Everyone who hasnt yet, should read the manga, it's 100000000000000 times better than the anime.

  8. d

    Just did a marathon so i wanna point out something.
    Wait… maybe i shouldn't… it may spoilt the ending of this arc (really minor spoiler but Enzo has a reputation…).
    Nahh… i'll say it anyway since the anime may be taking a different direction.
    At this point in time Jin has not met Alphaz and Alphaz does not know about the monsters yet. So dont expect a deus ex save by Jin.

    On another note, it seems like asking for the season to end might be too hard. unless this is the finishing arc…. a bit weird but works for an anime end.

  9. A

    its not the finishing arc, the story is light years from being over. AND they skipped over enough material to fit 20 episodes by this point. Basically, the manga is pretty much in its final arc, and now, there is enough material out there to fit like 2-3 years worth of episodes just to get to that point. Basically, go read the manga because you were short changed here. you should probably just buy the volumes. much easier to get through all that stuff.

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