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    Enzo speaking to the masses! Spreading the mystique to the end of the galaxy aren't you.
    *clicky clicky* time to dust up my AE listening&comprehension skills. If you ever felt talking about wine too I'd be all hears btw XD. Dyonisian drops of wisdom yey.

  2. When Drops of God gets an anime, you'll definitely hear me talking about it…

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    Are you on par with the manga? I've had it in my wish list for a while but I was a bit discouraged by a friend of mine (she was the same that had suggested the manga to me at first and she was buying the French volumes but she got disappointed by the too shonen-ish approach in latter volumes wherein she was hoping for a more seinen-ish foodie&self-discovery angle if I remember correctly. I was hoping for a foodie seinen myself, so…).

  4. No I'm not, though what I've heard has been more positive than that.

  5. A

    Wow. Love your voice Enzo! Best voice out of the rest. Sounds exactly what I think you sound like. Fits your writing.

  6. S

    Enzo your voice is awesome and sexy! : D

  7. Gack – does not compute!

  8. C

    You sound so illustrious Enzo! It's a pleasure to hear your articulate opinion

  9. M

    I imagined your voice to be deeper and more serene for some reason. It's always nice to attach a voice to someone you've been reading for a long time, though.

    Great podcast too, it was fun. I think you were the one who brought the most insight on the series (and the longer monologues), though I had to skip a few series I have yet to catch up on.

  10. B

    Good podcast bro, hopefully you'll be in future ones too because you were certainly one of the more outspoken participants, less microphone shy than some of the others.

  11. Part of it, I think, was that no one else on the call was following as many shows as I was. If you're not watching a show you're not going to have much to say about it.

  12. S

    Just heard the podcast and you did a great job! Props bro!

  13. B

    Not meaning to criticize the others at all because everyone did a good job but whether it was because you were less shy or, as you say, because you follow more shows, fact is you were amongst those who had the most to say. Which makes you a great podcast contributor.

  14. S

    I loved it! I wish you made more podcasts in the future along with the other RC writers, I couldn't believe it lasted like 1 hour and a half, it wasn't boring at all, looking forward to more of those podcasts in the future ;)!

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