1. e

    *waves pompoms*

  2. L

    I support Enzo!

    And as always, I need to say that Luxor =/= kluxorious 😛

  3. S

    Good luck Enzo sama. Doesn't look like you'll need it though 😉

  4. This round is looking good. Sea Slugs is lurking in the bracket, though…

    Lux, I never thought you were Klux!

  5. b

    I'm pretty interested to see that matchup with Sea Slugs. Will be a tough one.
    Otherwise, voted for you as usual. Good luck 🙂

    P.S. The whole Jormungand ep11 post is out on the front page. Might want to fix it.

  6. C

    Good luck, you BASTARD!! >:)

    I guess you and fencedude(Sea Slug blogger) will have a face off when you both guys win.

  7. That seems like a very distinct possibility, yes… Whatever shall be, shall be.

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