Aniblog Tourney – Onward and Upward

Thanks to your kind support, LiA won our group.  To be honest I’m pleasantly surprised, because this was a very strong pool – The Cart Driver and LMT especially are sites I know well.

The wait for Round 4 is happily much shorter – the matchup is Conspicuous klux, and voting starts on 6/22.  This is all omake for me, but since we’ve come this far, let’s keep it going!  All your votes are sincerely appreciated.



  1. L

    Congrats! I'd love to see you win the whole thing–but even getting as far as you have is impressive enough considering your blog is still very young.

  2. e

    *confetti* on to the next phase.
    Good job and good luck!

  3. d

    Time to bring out the big guns Enzo!
    Example a "All I did was click a button and I got this great T-Shirt!" t-shirt give away and free guided tours of Kyoto, not including accommodations, transport, food. Only guide Enzo is available. "Take a left when you reach Uji station and you'll see Hyouka's studio"

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