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    Congrats, you and your blog truly deserve it πŸ˜€

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    Congrats Enzo,it's definatly well deserved.Hope you'll get a million more soon!

    I still remember reading your first blog entry about Cross Game! (yeah I know,sometimes I can't help but be a bit hipster lol)

  3. A

    Congratulations πŸ™‚ and You are most Welcome, it was a pleasure πŸ˜›

    I'm curious, which series attracted the most views or post that got an abnormal number of views over these last few years among these 1 million hits? I'd really want to know what is the face of the readers of LiA …

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    Congrats :)! You definitely deserve it, its a pleasure reading your blog πŸ™‚

  5. @Nyarael @ Nemo: Many thanks!

    @totoum: Is Cross Game hispter??

    @ Arabesque: That's hard to say. F/Z is definitely the biggest draw right now. FMA/Brotherhood was my biggest when I started the blog, though small by the current standard. Overall, probably F/Z, MPD, Madoka Magica. Working! did well, too – especially for a comedy.

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    That's what my librarian keeps telling me every time I buy a volume,maybe he's just messing with me.

  7. K

    Apparently the guy who wrote Scott Pilgrim is a fan of Cross Game. At least that is what it says on the back of one of my manga volumes.

    I guess that was a bit random, well besides the whole Cross Game thing.

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    So basically, the LiA readership is made out of F/Z, Madoka, MPD and Cross Game fans.

    Yep, we are all without a doubt hipsters! Time to start wearing dem baggy pants and writing in rhyming terms!

    (though to be fair, we all used to like this stuff before it was cool …)

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    I guess the retro art style is hipster?

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    A million congratulations! That's so impressive!

    I definitely enjoy your posts – I don't read all (only the ones of anime I'm watching/planning to watch), but I think your thoughts are always very insightful and the posts wonderfully written. And there aren't many blogs like that out there, even less within the anime-blogosphere.

    So, congrats and THANKS!

  12. Thank you, alualuna. Good to hear from you!

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    Congratulations, I always enjoy reading your posts here & on Anime Suki. I am sure your blog will keep growing.

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    Congratulations!!! Here's to the next million visits.

  16. Thanks, all!

  17. I

    No, No, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to make such a great site with so many insightful and humorous reviews.

    That you manage to blog so many shows each season by yourself is an incredible feat.

    All hail the Enzonator.

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    omedetou Enzo-sama!!!!!!!! ^^
    I'd have to say F/Z is your current biggest attractor since everyone is just dying to discuss about an episode after it airs but ofc no other site has a blog on it except yours! not only are you punctual but very insightful so its a huge bonus to read your episode blogs

    gotta say, fell in love with your writing style when you covered Colorful, Steins;Gate and Ao no Exorcist on RC and naturally came over to LiA when you said you were covering F/Z & now E7 & Tsuritama *fangirl squeal*

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    Myself, I came to LiA from a brief visit to RandomC as well. Looking through past season previews and shit, I immediately realized that only Enzo had a similar opinion on what is crazy and good and what is crazy and shit, but also offered much more insight.

    Reading this blog is like having a conversation with a more insightful me. Although I don't know what Enzo would say about me, I would be pretty freaking annoyed if I was talking to a less insightful me.

  20. Again, many thanks for the kind words. I'm looking forward to summer, because by the looks of the schedule it's going to be a much-needed breather season.

  21. A

    Room for some backlog? Maybe a certain let's play?

  22. M

    Congrats, Enzo!

  23. P

    Congrulations, Enzo! ^^ You totally deserved them!

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    Yes, thank you so much and the praise for yourself– you deserve it. I discovered your blog when RC didn't blog Natsume Yuujinchou Shi. I was screaming "Hallelujah!" when I learned you would blog this series and now I followed you since. I love your writing style: intuitive, cohesive, and you care what you write. I'm happy to find someone who has similar anime tastes except the sports anime (I'm sorry… I'm going to try watch some!)Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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    Congrats Enzo, a great milestone for an excellent blog. Try not to overwork yourself though, we want LiA to live long and prosper =3

  26. As I said (and in doing the preview, I'm confirming my earlier suspicions) Summer looks to be a breather season. Thanks for the thanks!

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    *celebratory toast* and have my cherries while you're at it :p .
    On to the next million Enzo.
    Regardless of how many series I manage to watch as they air, I end up reading basically every post of yours, and lately adding way too many of those series to my watch list (aren't you persuasive?). You write well, and you write good. And balanced, but with flavour. Keep it on, querido.

  28. s

    Congratulations, GE!

  29. T

    Congratulations on your milestone, GE!

    I have to say, F/Z is also my main reason for coming here. Like Madoka it is a series that invites- nay, demands discussion. VN veterans will have the novels to compare to the anime adaptation, but even first-time visitors to the Nasuverse have plenty to talk about- who, why and how.

    I also appreciate how you stick with your opinion even when it goes against the popular wave. I *may* be a little biased because we seem to share the same sentiments regarding recent episodes, but you explain your side very clearly and you keep an open mind- with a dose of irony now and then.

    Anyway, tldr: now for the next million!

  30. Thank you, Tsu. It's definitely a fun series to discuss, even when I disagree with most of the fans.

  31. A

    ''Nero never burnt Rome, ya hear! I'm telling ya, he wasn't crazy, they just fabricated all of those things!''

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