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    No kidding, I was just writing about the manga in my usual Italian forum.
    I'm visualizing it into reality like whoa XD. NoitaminA 2013. Make it happen.
    Also, sharing this video link right now (with credits of course :* )

    P.S.: I see the Holy Grail War is spilling onto and into its episodes comments. You ok? *back rub, tiramisù, Passito of Pantelleria wine*

  2. Those who want to discuss the merits of a character respectfully have my respect. Those who want to be trolls make my case better than anything I say ever could. Grazie.

  3. K

    Entry title: "Otoyomegatari PV"
    You almost got me squealing there, you son of a bitch! XD
    Guess I´ll have to content myself with this video and the "MAKE IT HAPPEN, NOITAMINA!!" speech.

  4. A

    "Sublime" is an excellent word to describe this manga. However its one I cant imagine being adapted to an anime. But…..I also said that about Mysterious Girlfriend X, and it has surpassed all expectations.

  5. Really? I can easily see this becoming an anime – the narrative is non-linear, but imagine those backdrops in the hands of P.A. Works, and Tomatsu Haruka as Amira…

  6. t

    It'd have to be P.A works for me to look forward to it.But anyway I'd rather NoitaminA focus on completed stories like they're doing with sakamichi no apollon and Natsuyuki Rendezvous this summer.

  7. I'd take an Otoyomegatari anime anywhere, any way I can get one. A NoitaminA next season would be a good way to adapt the volumes that are already out there. Yeah, it's nice when NoitaminA does finished projects – but some of their best work of the last year has been partial adaptations.

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