1. K

    Isn't Koko the name of a gorilla? 🙂

  2. K

    Oh and on your poll you needed a Makasakolin option.

  3. b

    …Does that even have a title?

  4. b

    Derp, fail.
    I was trying to say "Insert 'Koko loco' jingle from Jormungand preview here". But I place the '<' signs in between.

  5. Don't forget Haru's sister and Nyaruko's paramour. Koko is all the rage this season.

  6. S

    Koko she is loco. I say, "Oh no!". (Jormungand reference)

  7. N

    He later also added Mami as a ship name XD
    How can one not love this guy XD

  8. E

    Aw, no option in the poll for Korra x Asami?

  9. J

    Death to that woman! She's a soulless barbie doll.

    Enzo, all options past 'Amon' made me lol hard. Thanks!

  10. C'mon, this is an American TV cartoon – they ain't going there and we all know it…

  11. E

    Yeah, but that's never stopped shippers before. Besides, I'm pretty sure they're not going to have Amon, Meelo, or Aang be love interests for Korra, either.

  12. S

    I actually think it would be an interesting story development if an Avatar fell in love with it's own previous Avatar incarnation. Not that I want it to happen though… I'd rather have the series focus on the storyline, and less on the romance.

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