Aniblog Tourney – Round 2

UPDATE: We won – almost 80% of the vote! Thanks for your support once again. Looks like there’s going to be a bit of a delay until the pool round begins – watch this space for scheduling updates.

May Madness continues…  It’s all the rage in France and Greece, and I hear something about November here – so go vote!

Check out Manga Xanadu and all the other competing sites you can, while you’re at it – and as always, any feedback you have for me, please leave it either here or at the Aniblog site.  Thanks for all your support!



  1. a

    Good luck! Although I'm sure you'll be the clear winner of this round. :))) I actually shifted from Random Curiosity to your personal blog just two weeks ago. You might remember me as the user called zani, who would comment on your Chihayafuru posts. I like the way you write, the quality of the screenshots and most importantly, how you consistently post on time.

    I meant this as no offense to Random Curiosity but the influx of new writers is quite overwhelming. It's nice to see that site covering many titles but I'm not watching all of them. Also, the anime that I'm actually watching, the contributor assigned to it posts almost a week delay. I noticed other writers are following a similar trend. Since you cover most of the shows I'm watching I ultimately decided to visit this site instead.

  2. Well, thanks for the good thoughts and the nice words about the site. I do remember you (how I miss Chihayafuru!) and I'm glad to see you here.

  3. a

    Likewise. 🙂 2012 has been a great year for anime so far. I'm hoping we'll score another great hit like Chihayafuru.

  4. K

    I recall having voted in your favour yesterday.
    BTW, the first chapter of RuroKen newest manga has been recently scanlated in English. Are you gonna make an entry about it?

  5. Oh, thanks – yes, I will! I'd been waiting for a scanlation but hadn't checked in a couple of days, too busy.

  6. A

    Dunno if this is the right place to ask this, but did you drop AGE? I notice it's not on the 'current anime/manga' sidebar (Although I admit I didn't notice if it was on there or not before, so maybe it's always been absent?)

  7. Whoops – I must have dropped it by accident from the sidebar. Still covering it, posting soon.

  8. A

    Oh, cool. Thanks for the quick reply.

  9. I

    Good luck for the third round.

    Also I wonder why RC doesn't take part in the tournament?

  10. Good question – I'll ask Divine about that when I think of it.

  11. P

    i was wondering about this as well, so i did some digging and here's what I found: apparently RC was part of the last tournament without having knowledge about though

    "Funny you guys mention this, as I only caught wind of it two days ago. Much like the anime blog awards before it which have gone into Internet oblivion, my opinion of it is the same as Omni’s — I don’t pay attention to these things nor particularly care about them one way or the other.
    The number of voters pale in comparison to the actual number of readers out there, so other than being something fun for the person who runs it, these online awards/tournaments aren’t a good representation of actual site popularity and readership.
    In fact, I was thinking about asking to have RC pulled from that anime blog tournament."

  12. P

    Quote divine*
    and the context of the quote was someone asking for his thoughts on the tournament*

  13. C

    There was a sort of "drama" that happened with randomc and aniblog tourney. Almost everyone at RC's IRC has heard the story.

  14. e

    I'm pretty happy to be among your supporters, Enzo dear.
    Aim for best in the galaxy! ;D

  15. M

    Congrats! Good luck in round 3!

  16. A

    Congratulations Enzo! you deserved that win! Goodluck again to the next stage of the Battle

  17. Thanks, All. Sounds like it may be a while before the next phase of the Hunter exam, though.

  18. K

    Now you have your first real challenge. Cart Driver is in your group bracket.

  19. All of the group brackets are tough. Even if I finish 2nd I move on, at least…

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