Accel World – 08

[Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_05.16_[2012.05.26_00.03.26] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_10.41_[2012.05.26_00.08.51] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_20.24_[2012.05.26_00.18.34]

Holy time skip, Pig Boy!

Only time for a brief check-in with the craziness this weekend.  As you know AW was sort of on the chopping block for me after the last couple of episodes – I just wasn’t finding myself very involved in the story anymore.  But I have to confess I liked this episode quite a lot better.  It was funnier, livelier and altogether more interesting than the last couple have been – even if we skipped over the part where Haru suddenly advanced to 4th Level.  I’m still not convinced Accel World is going to escape the gravitational pull of who its screenwriter is, but I was quite interested in it for a while and maybe I will be again.

This ep, of course, was all about Kouzuki Yuniko (Hidaka Rina, fast emerging as a real favorite).  She’s a girl of many names – she tries to pass herself off as Saito Tomoko, Haru’s second cousin, but she’s really the second Red King, Scarlet Rain.  As if three weren’t enough, they also call her “The Immovable Fortress” for her mega-robot avatar which allows her to fight and win with little movement.  Quite a lot of accomplishment for a fifth-grader – and her introduction posting as Tomoko was pretty hilarious.  I also enjoy the little details like the way Haru used the net to try and track down information on her after he became suspicious.  Alas, Scarlet actually became pretty annoying after she adopted her Red Queen persona – but I’ll be interested to see why she’s so intent on meeting Snow Black.  Red doesn’t seem to be Kuoryukihime’s favorite color – there’s obviously some history with the first Red King that goes beyond killing him.

I’m interested again – that’s progress, anyway.  Let’s see how next week goes.

[Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_04.34_[2012.05.26_00.02.44] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_05.13_[2012.05.26_00.03.23] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_05.53_[2012.05.26_00.04.03]
[Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_07.40_[2012.05.26_00.05.51] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_07.43_[2012.05.26_00.05.54] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_08.22_[2012.05.26_00.06.32]
[Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_08.48_[2012.05.26_00.06.58] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_09.41_[2012.05.26_00.07.51] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_10.52_[2012.05.26_00.09.02]
[Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_11.55_[2012.05.26_00.10.05] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_17.09_[2012.05.26_00.15.19] [Asenshi] Accel World - 08 [3DCA1184].mkv_snapshot_17.23_[2012.05.26_00.15.33]


  1. F

    Kuroyuki-hime really pulls off ponytails well.

  2. i

    Shame the anime didn't say how long has it been since we last seen the Nega Nebulas…

    Otherwise, it's still dragging me along for the ride
    (the "imouto" bit was the actual highlight for me as well)

  3. C

    off topic:
    Are you going to take Another OVA?

  4. When it's subbed, yeah.

  5. S

    Haru is still the worst harem lead in a long time.

    As for Yoshino, this is his first adaptation in a bit. Apparently they're sticking pretty close to the LNs, so I think the problems are more from that than anything else.

    The imouto bit was kind of funny, but it felt like they went a too long/far with it. Just wasn't funny at the end. That and you knew the "accidental uncompromising position" bit was going to happen.

    I just wish I had more to watch on Friday night's, lol. Reason I keep up with the series, along with a guy I know is TLing it.

  6. b

    You can see the difference really between the physical and mental age of a Burst Linker with our red loli here.
    Hidaka Rina pulled it well with the cute voice and the tough voice.
    And that monster, been waiting to see it. The carnage it brought, wow.
    A bit too fast paced but good start to the CD arc.

  7. g

    I dont think Haru is that annoying a protagonist.
    His ability to stay relatively cool-headed in battles are refreshing, since your general harem lead would just panick and scream and cry and be hopeless. Also hes quite smart.
    Though hes not a dumb crybaby 90% of the time, the harem lead force is strong in him.

  8. B

    Yeah I don't think Haru is that bad of a lead. Once you allow the initial miracle exception of all these girls being interested in such a short fat kid in the first place, he actually pulls it off quite well. I dislike his seiyuu quite a bit but I'm willing to tolerate actors I don't like if the story catches my interest (I'm looking at you, Russell Crowe, Mr. "I'm a total douche who has somehow gotten cast in tons of great movies"). Overall I think this show is actually pretty good, I'm willing to roll with the time skip since I assume it was just a bunch of standard battles. The only thing I would like is for them to tell us how Haru is spending his level up bonuses, he doesn't appear to have gained any new abilities at all so far beyond the flight thing so I can't help but wonder what's up with that.

  9. b

    Well it will be mentioned in the next episode I think, Haru's level up bonuses but it's not really hard to guess given his performance in dodging those missiles.

  10. I don't think Haru is a terrible lead – he's OK in most respects, though his overarching self-hatred is a bit much. But his character design is terrible, IMHO.

  11. E

    He's not bad. Isn't he totally composed even when he's getting cozy with Chiyu in the bed. And he's able to think rationally and discover Scarlet Rain's true intention, even though she's going all imouto like.
    I hope he invested his skill point in physical strength as well >_>
    he looks way to fragile to me.

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