Accel World – 07

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A pig and a ferret walk into a café…

I’m still wondering about Aqua Current, who seems to be hiding a lot more than she’s revealing.  I feel as if subtle hints are being dropped here – Haru “barely felt” her breast when he grabbed her.  Her clothing – both in the RW and her ferret avatar – is decidedly gender-neutral.  It doesn’t really matter so much, I suppose, but it’s interesting to speculate on.  Whatever the truth of Aqua Current’s identity is she has an interesting way of going about her job, and an interesting strategy for safely restoring points to her clients by challenging higher-level linkers (that was a rule I wasn’t previously aware of).  I wonder what the other reason she stays at Level 1 is – and if her old master is who I think it might be.

I suppose I have no choice but to concede that Taku is sincerely repentant for what he’s done.  In fact, he seems to have quit the kendo club as part of a grand plan to strip himself of everything he’s gained in order to atone for his sins, culminating in uninstalling Burst Link when he’s taught Haru everything he needs to know. The whole setup with Kuroyukiihime deciding to teach him valuable life’s lessons seems a little bit of a stretch to me, especially given what’s just happened to her and his role in it.  I suppose it could be inferred that she’s really doing it as a sign of her dedication to Haru, knowing what Taku’s plan would do to him, but it still rings a little false to me – too convenient and a little overdramatic – as does his decision to turn up overnight as a transfer to Haru, Chiyuri and Snow Black’s school.

I’m starting to feel curiously detached from this series at the moment, and I’m not exactly sure why – it’s not as it it’s suddenly taken a nosedive in quality.  The character dynamics aren’t bad and the world-building and combat sequences are quite creative.  But the last couple of eps haven’t clicked with me, and the plot and character developments are striking a bit of a false note.  With a one-cour series I’d certainly be in it for the duration, with 17 eps to go it’s just now getting to decision time for me.  I’m hoping the Haru-Chiyuri-Taku triangle can raise a little spark, or that the series starts to dig a little deeper into the philosophical question of who’s right in their thinking about the state of affairs in the Accel World.  Right now things seem to be treading water a bit, and that’s about where I am too.  When blogging a show, ambivalence is about the worst thing possible.   I’ll see how I feel after next week’s episode.

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  1. C

    me too. I don't feel anything but who cares its a nice show. BTW any thoughts to blogging Sherlock?

  2. S

    It's an interesting world, but the problem is that it'll have no real depth. I've started calling this Bleach//Sign because it's like Bleach & .hack//Sign had a child and this is it.

    And things ring hollow because the characters still aren't acting very consistent, nor have they setup that what Taku did should be considered very serious. In the Ghost in the Shell worlds, what Taku did would land you in prison for a very, very long time. It's beyond just something to be angry about. So, in some ways, Taku is actually acting with some logic, but we don't have any feeling for what he did being insanely bad.

    KYH is just being KYH. At some point, it might make sense, but, for now, it really doesn't. Apparently that'll be explored later.

    And Haru's complete newbie attitude to the Accelerated World still pisses me off. The "don't click Yes yet" bit I can accept easily. Did that one myself, even after years in MMOs. But he's supposed to have a natural talent for this, but he seems to barely have any knowledge of the system nor desire to solve that. If you're a "good" gamer, that's the first thing you do. Natural talent doesn't do much if you don't know what you're doing: unless it's asspull time. 🙂

  3. P

    its like they can't decide whether to be a battle manga or a love story…. and can't throw themselves wholeheartedly into one aspect of the story without the other getting in the way.

  4. d

    Yes, I'd agree that this show has its run at LoA. 17 episode is awfully long commitment when one's heart is not in -it certainly doesn't have mine! It's time for this to join Natsuiro Kiseki and Medaka Box at the sideline (meaning I'm endorsing dropping of the coverage of it if that's what you intend to do so, Enzo).

    Sankarea is in danger of being mediocre or at least rather average in my opinion, but not enough to warrant dropping. Plus only 5 more to go, might as well. Hyou-ka is also borderline bore, but it has gorgeous visuals. I don't think this show (Accel World) deserves Enzo's time anymore.

  5. I will say Sankarea is nowhere close to mediocre in my book – even a weak ep like this week was still pretty good. And Hyou-ka's last ep was the most interesting by far – and damn, is that show beautiful.

    But AW is hanging by a thread. It's tough to blog a show when you can't really think of anything to say about it.

  6. J

    I honestly don't like this show because they haven't really touched more on the subject of real / virtual identity. Is Haru supposed to become more confident in his real self by first being confident in his virtual alter ego?

  7. i

    I personally think the disconnection came from the fact that the material used for this week and last week came from a very different volume of the LN than the first 5 episodes…

    …but then what do I know, I'm just here for the ride.

  8. J

    My main question is…what is the point of this anime?

    I'm pretty close to dropping it

  9. E

    Er… become level 10 and find out the real intention of the programmer?
    But then it will be crazy non stop battle, lol.
    Bleach, indeed.
    On the subject, what the hell is Tite thinking? Telling us about Quincy x Shinigami conflict once again? Everybody know it already, damn it. He's only good for drawing tit(e).

  10. H

    I remember someone posted on AS that if you defeat someone at a higher level than you you'll earn more points that way (conversely I think if you lose to someone with a lower level than you you also lose more points) although I think the anime didn't touch on that.

  11. F

    I'd say that that was rather implicitly obvious. Almost any game with a leveling system works that way.

    You get more BP/EXP from defeating a higher level opponent than a lower level one.

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