Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 02

[UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_07.15_[2012.04.16_20.17.13] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_16.52_[2012.04.16_20.27.46] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_19.20_[2012.04.16_20.30.14]

At this point, I’m not sure I even see the need for a SHAFT anymore.

Episode 2 of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (is there an agreed-upon contraction of that name yet?) felt like the first ep I thought I was going to get last week.  It was certainly an interesting choice for Shin-sensei to go with last week’s slapstick effort from the middle of the story first, because the events of that ep would have made a lot more sense after watching this one.

I have to change my vote that Sankarea is out-SHAFT-ing SHAFT, because it’s hard to imagine a more Shinbou-like 22 minutes than what we got here.  It was all there – the distorted facial expressions, the bulging eyes, the quick cuts, the tricks of light and shadow – Shin has adopted a very busy camera for this series.  I got Natsu no Arashi vibes a bit last week and this episode certainly doesn’t dispel them, though if anything the SHAFT affectations are stronger with Dusk Maiden than with that SHAFT series.  I’m still not totally sold on it, though this was a fairly entertaining episode and certainly eye-catching – the situations feel  a little forced and the dialogue does have just a hint of Nisio Isin self-aware cleverness to it.

Yuuko is an interesting take on the ghost motif, in that she seems bound by some of the same laws as her mortal schoolmates – she can’t teleport or anything, and if she wants to change clothes (which she does here) she has to physically change them just like anyone else.  I was amused by the conceit that she was perfectly happy having Teiichi see her naked, but embarrassed when he saw her bones – which makes sense from her POV, as the bones are her “real” body.  Now that we have a little grounding in the story – whether she can be seen (and in what form) depends on the mindset of the perceiver – the events of the premiere make more sense.  I suppose this could go mostly comedy, with a touch of horror, but I sense a turn towards tragedy or at least melodrama on the horizon.  I’m interested enough to tag along for now, but on the edge as to whether continue blogging.  We’ll see.

[UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_06.26_[2012.04.16_20.16.24] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_08.28_[2012.04.16_20.18.26] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_10.25_[2012.04.16_20.20.23]
[UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_10.55_[2012.04.16_20.20.53] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_13.24_[2012.04.16_20.24.18] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_14.21_[2012.04.16_20.25.15]
[UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_16.48_[2012.04.16_20.27.42] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_19.07_[2012.04.16_20.30.01] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_21.25_[2012.04.16_20.32.19]

ED: “Karandorie” (カランドリエ) by Aki Okui

[UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_22.09_[2012.04.16_20.33.03] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_22.31_[2012.04.16_20.33.25] [UTW-Underwater]_Tasogare_Otome_x_Amnesia_-_02_[720p][3996A1DF].mkv_snapshot_23.18_[2012.04.16_20.34.12]


  1. d

    Dusk Maiden is the only short form i know.
    @Enzo: makes you think what she REALLY looks like. As Teichii a normal school boy with hormones raging = I wanna see a hot girl! = she appears as a hot girl… but is that really how she looks like?

  2. M

    Actually Yuuko looks just as you see her right now. It's not ALL there is to her of course, but what Niiya sees is pretty accurate. To say any more would be major spoilers of course.

  3. F

    It does make sense from Yuuko's perspective to be far more embarrassed about her bones being seen compared to her ghost body.

    A good point made by dv regarding what Niiya sees. This could be the accurate view of Yuuko, but it could also be partially affected by what he wants to see. Since all that we have of Yuuko's real body is bones can't guess at much about her physically besides height.

    Is tough to categorize the series from the first couple episodes. Kind of throwing in romance, some mystery, comedy, horror, and drama in various doses.

  4. That blend of genres intrigues me. But I can't get Nisio out of my head now that the thought has struck me, and that's a bit of a problem…

  5. d

    I don't see the Nisio in this.

  6. b

    Delicious Yuuko is delicious. That's all the reason why you should continue blogging this 😉
    And this is far from Nisio's works. It may employ dialogue and interactions but it also relies on the visuals and atmosphere and a good balance of it. So yeah.

  7. I

    Tasome might be a valid short form.

    The Shaft/Shinbo style cannot be simply thrown in to make a show like a feel it is done here. Shin-sensei, unlike Shinbo, doesn't possess the comic wit to make the unconventional animation work for the shows jokes.

    Sankarea works not only because the source, seiyuu and art is great but also because the Shaft style is being used to heighten jokes, tension and drama. That is not something done in Tasome, hence in comparison it is not as good as its sister Sankarea.

  8. N

    The first half of the episode had me genuinely frightened at times, even though it was clear that the suspense will climax into humor rather than horror. The fake phone conversation seems like it's going to be a running gag, and I do find the way their pupils slowly drift together hilarious.

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