1. B

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the annual Liars Day. Guess I better just avoid the internet for the next 24 hours if I wish to opt out of this rather bizarre tradition.

  2. S

    I'm surprised Kaji Yuuki didn't make the list 😉

  3. ROFL… I actually thought about that, but it seemed too obvious a giveaway.

  4. d

    I understand that you disagree with the works he is associated with, but do you dislike his work?
    As in disliking the anime and disliking his voice over are two separate (albeit related)

  5. I actually like some of the works he's associated with. I don't like most of his performances, though. He has one voice, and it doesn't do much for me.

  6. L

    Hahahahaha I knew the day you praised Girls@school would never come. But today's a day for laughing, so… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5FTJxfV3pc

  7. d

    DId i think this day would ever come? Not only no, but I had to reread this post many times to understand this… It just felt so unnatural and twilight zone, that my brain was unable to comprehend it.

  8. I

    Y u no no troll on long running epic shounen and BRS an inspirational work. LOOOOOOL

  9. S

    Aww, I first I thought it was a weekly review of anime genres and anime directors, with explanations and examples and the gold grains within. I would've needed that since most of these topics are completely alien to most Europeans.

  10. b

    >sees topic
    >wonders why would Enzo appreciate Nisio when his hatred of him burns with a thousand suns
    >April Fools' Day

  11. A


    Would've been more convincing had you posted an idolm@ster pic instead of the K-on! one.

    welp, guess that means I'll be actively avoiding the internet for the rest of the day. Pity too since I don't find much time for it except at the weekends nowadays 🙁

  12. M

    Ah, gotta love April 1st.

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