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    Thanks! Now i'm checking out your competitor's site… hehe. I never even knew all these blogs existed though! Only thing i think could improve yours is better load times! xD

  2. L

    Did some bracketology research. ^_^ Of course, I couldn't tally hidden/anonymous audiences, since I can only base readership on comments or something and not a lot of sites implement viewcounts like RC.

    First round pick: LIA. Second round pick: LIA.

    Third round is where you might not have a landslide, with competitors like thecartdriver and yumestate, both of which have fairly active posts and a variety of posts. Yumestate reminds me of RC with multiple writers (6).

    Fourth round will pit you against the runnerup in Group 6, where there are a few very good blogs. Animeyumi's Yumeka (who somehow got a double-bye, what?) doesn't just post about anime, but some interesting essays on anime and other related topics. I've already decided to read that blog, so this tourney can already be called a success.

    And if you get into the sweet sixteen, congrats!

    To me, the tournament is less about victory than improving your blog. Hopefully you can get some ideas on design and page load speeds (lol above) or something.

    Anyway, besides a weakness in page load speeds (lol) and maybe some help on design (ask around the RC irc, helpful people there), your greatest strength is the writing itself and sharp perception–your predictions and theories are fairly spot on. That should be it, looks like good publicity. And the farther you go, the more readers you should gain.

  3. Design I can implement – speed is a bigger problem, given everything limiting about Blogger. Until I move the site altogether, speed is always going to be a problem.

    Are there a lot of complaints about this site's design on RC's IRC? I get over there from time to time but no one has addressed them to me, heh…

  4. S

    Is there a way to improve your site navigation? Like on RC I go on their "sitemap" and see all the anime they've blogged on. I found your site was more difficult to navigate through your archive (relative to RC). Other than that I'd agree with Luxorcism's points. Your writing is definitely awesome 🙂

  5. L

    There's a CATEGORIES section on the right-hand side, just like at RC.

    And Enzo, WordPress has always been fast for me–maybe we could work out some simple designs there? I'll post this on the Help Wanted post, so hold on a bit.

  6. Switching to WordPress is a long-term possibility, but quite a lot of work to do. I do have it under consideration.

  7. e

    Excelsior! :*

  8. S

    You can count on my vote, Enzo 😉

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