Thermae Romae Bath Guide

Thermae Romae – the last good series to appear on the NoitaminA block – has come out with an onsen guide:

Rurubu Thermae Romae, a collaboration between the Japanese travel magazine Rurubu and Mari Yamazaki’s Thermae Romae bathhouse manga, went on sale in Japan on Saturday. The magazine, which features an original cover by Yamazaki, has Thermae Romae’s protaognist Lucius introducing readers to his 100 top Japanese baths, as well as an interview with Yamazaki and individuals involved with the Thermae Romae live-action film.

Onsens are one of the best things about Japan (and the upside of all that seismic instability). If you ever go, leave your inhibitions at home and partake of this uniquely Japanese pleasure.



  1. d

    So Where do i get one of these?

  2. d

    Interesting site. Similar recommended products are AV and Ayumi music. Besides woman and nudity, I find no other relation

  3. F

    the last good series to appear on the NoitaminA block

    Thats being distinctly unfair to Black Rock Shooter, which is both much better than initially expected, and not as inappropriate for noitaminA as, say, Guilty Crown.

    I wouldn't say its any less appropriate than say, C was.

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