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    Here is a rough translation from A-S member Kakkou for the Tsuritama PV if anyone is interested!


    I never thought we would be famous.
    To think that we’d actually end up saving the world.
    I’ve transferred schools countless times, yet I could never get used to introducing myself.
    Sorry for making things so awkward.
    I’m Haru, an alien!
    Sea bass can slip away just by swinging their bodies. Hesitate and you lose.
    Tapioca, why do you think he came here?
    Hey Yuki, let’s be friends.
    Come on, let’s go fishing!
    Cut it out!
    If you’re not up to it then leave.
    He is!
    Nobody asked you to butt in!
    Oh, a friend?
    Yup, we became buddies!
    Our little worker’s quite something.
    Ouji, you good at fishing?
    Of course!
    Our story began that day. On this tiny island, a huge story unfolds.
    tsuritama. Starts April.
    Grandma, what’s the meaning of this?
    Isn’t it a lovely idea?


    – Flower

  2. Thankfully, they translated that bibibibibibi part.

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    Both of them look awesome for different reasons. I'm really looking forward to watch them and enjoy the epicness that these trailers transmit =)

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    if your talking about the unusal style in mononoke it wasnt unusal it was ukiyo-e style he used which was awesome. It was like watching woodblock paintings moving picture

  5. Yes, it was ukiyo-e (which is certainly unusual for anime), but I think he does something unusual visually in all his anime – just not as unusual as that.

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    Hands down the two series I am most looking forward to this season. Anything Kanno touches is gold (and a big reason why I love Darker than BLACK so much) and Sugita and Irino are going to make Tsuritama a blast just like they did for Nichibros.

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    I'm very excited about Tsuritama too. Genki Irino Miyu is a plus 😉

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    is sakamichi homo, or what?

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    Seems more like a love triangle between the 2 bros and the girl. I just get that feel from about the 1:00 mark and one of the characters is excited for a date. I really hope it doesn't turn into the Durarara!! triangle because we need something fresh!

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    Naaah, the first minute of the trailer seems more like potential fujioshi bait aka marketing trick. I second Snuckerpooks in feeling that the true meat of the dynamics is about the 1:00 mark onwards XD.

  11. Why is it that anytime the ratio of females to males in an anime is less than 8 to 1, people scream "YAOIYAOIYAOI!"?

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    Admittedly even some of the popular non-BL titles have gathered either a big yaoi fandom or wink at such fandom (Black Butler, anyone? Officially shounen ). And in recent years I've been surprised by how much slash you can find for basically any media title – ok, I know it's decades old stuff , but the frequency I've stumbled over it first-hand has increased in the last two years – . Personally I'm mostly amused by that (some of my close acquaintances are raving Destiel shippers for SPN, and now of BBC's Sherlock: SherlockxWatson of course. Last but not least, there's lots of BunnyxTiger shippers, thanks also to some script trolling XD ), as long as the fans don't shove their fanon pairings down my throat.
    I guess such slash trend can get very irksome if you're anything beyond BL-neutral, to the point male x male interaction becomes an alarm trigger…
    Well, the first 30 seconds of Apollon and the slow mo with the blanket sequence + those gazes honestly had me blinking in a ' are you trying to suggest there is a certain subtext whereas there is noooone? Nice try ' way, then I laughed it off. Then checked the manga and laughed some more. The story, settings and characters seem very well handled. I've browsed some of the raws as well and I hope they'll manage to insert some elements from latter volumes 🙂


    music-wise the Beatles Sgt. Pepper part especially XD


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    Well, I didn't understand much of the dialogue in Sakamichi, but it looks awesome. Making a show around Jazz could be amazing, but of course, it's all about the characters, and the show seem to have a lot of potential in that department. I'm looking forwards to reading your reviews on it, Enzo.

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    The shows I was most looking forward to were in the order of:

    F/Z S2
    Kore wa Zombie desuka S2
    Sakamachi no Apollon
    Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

    After seeing this Sakamachi has just taken a ridiculous lead. Who would think that only 2 weeks after Chihayafuru ended that something as golden as this would come out. Sad that a season 2 will not come out this year with NoitaminA booked but there's still hope for next year

  15. K

    I heard they are adapting the entire manga series in 1 season.

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    I just realized this but isn't this the first time since Honey and Clover that YUKI has made a song for an anime?

    If so I look forward to this even since I consider H&C one of the best anime ever made.

  17. Yeah, this is true – so obviously, huge cuts are going to be required. But at least we have a very experienced director who might be able to condense the story in a way that makes it coherent.

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